Bindings: multiple actions

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A little help in understanding whether a binding can support multiple actions… OR a better way!

Searching the Forum, I came across this note from Brad:
“Bindings with multiple actions/targets…
–You can do this by creating multiple bindings with the same source…”

I have some free time to play around and try this, but need some guidance on how to do, as I didn’t find in the User Guide. Thinking of how I might do the following during random live playing:

On my upper keyboard, I want to easily switch the preset from one VST (e.g. VB2 organ) to a preset on another VST (Kontakt 5 strings). Currently I bind a keyboard note (lowest octave) to activate a command to toggle the current VST sound off, then another key to switch to the other VST/preset. I tried using Solo Exclusive, but whatever I’m doing (wrong?), the Solo Exclusive command affects multiple keyboards, not just the upper one (I use three).

I was looking for a possible way to perhaps continue to use the keyboard note (or any other midi controller on the keyboard) to both shut-off the current VST preset AND, as a second action, turn-on another VST preset. So in the example above, I would be playing an organ sound, then with one press of a note/controller, switch to strings, without having both the organ and strings sounding together.

I’m hoping I’m just missing a simple way to accomplish this and don’t need a binding to do multiple actions.

A little guidance would be greatly appreciated or if Brad’s aforementioned note to another user is the best approach, I just need some help in where to research how to do that.


As it happens we just discussed this lately :blush:


Hey Thanx… I had read your thread about the foot controller, but didn’t see any relevance to me, so I totally missed that recent message and link you just posted. One of the solutions is to activate two actions, so I will explore that with the example he posted. Not sure if it’s the answer, but definitely worth the time to understand and try it!

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Hey Chuck,

Have you tried this set of bindings? The first loads up the solo instrument you want to start with when the song loads. The next 2 switch between the 2 available solo instruments at your command using the key-switch notes.


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