Is it possible to Trigger chords from one note?

Is it possible to Trigger chords (or even runs/arpeggios) from one note??
Imagine you are only 12 months back into playing live and you have the left hand independence/control of a one legged duck. In the song you need to keep the pad going on the left while playing the riff with your right.

It would be handy if I could to just play the one note (root), and program up the chords I need play and so the bottom end of the pad does not drop out

12 months?? I think it is enough even for a one legged duck!!

There are tons of “chorder” plugins that do exactly that - a free candidate would be “Chordz”. Can’t hurt to give it a try…



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one thing I do if only very few cords are needed is to create a buch of routings for each source note and use the transpose function to realize the cords. Using copy and paste this can be pretty fast and diesn‘t need a vst.

A more advanced tool (but not free) is Cathuluh from xfer records. It is quite comfortable and adds capabilities for arpeggios etc. - maybe worth to have a look on…

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MIDI Chords is working fine in my setup.

Check it out.


I’ve been using Chordz and midiChords in my 3-piece band for years, and since my bass player is not a keyboardist, it is easy for him to use one note to play difficult chords while I switch to a guitar lead. I can also control chord progressions with my sustain pedal while I play guitar. @dave_dore helped me set it up with a rack he created. Here is the full discussion from 2020, quite amazing!


Wow guys so cool this helps a lot :smiley:

I did not say I was a smart duck