Incompatible with Nugen Audio Halo Upmix

You just can’t assign more than one channel. Other plugins are fine.

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You are a little tight in your explanation. Usually we’re used to posting screenshots here, Song/Racks that don’t work… You know, stuff like that.

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I do not own that particular plugin but I was wondering if you are aware that Cantabile does not automatically create routes for all the plugin outputs.
In order to assign the other outputs to a route, you should first create a new route, as described here:

However, having done some more research, it could very well be that you have hit a sort of bug demanding @brad attention. In particular, it sounds like your problem is similar to this one:

which is also related to Nugen plugins.

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Here in channel assignment there’s only 1 output to select. The upmixer has at least 5.1 output channels and it may output 7.1 as it detects the next input in the chain. Works as expected in most DAWs.

It’s very much related to the latter issue you mentioned. But not solved. I have very similar usage with that guy but with an upmixer. Perhaps the dev should know this.

Having inserted the @brad reference in my previous reply, we should get the attention of the developer. Alternatively, you could write a direct email to Brad at