Cantabile insisting on stereo channels with plugins

Good day to you all.

For some time now I have been fighting with Cantabile and I am close to throwing inanimate objects out of frustration, so I’ll try to ask for help.

Background: I use Cantabile in conjunction with VoiceMeeter potato (via ASIO insert) as a VST host for the Dirac Live processor in order to employ room correction.

Works like charm in stereo but I would like to do it in multichannel too. Since I only use 4.0 Quad speakers I need to downmix 5.1 signals to 4.0.

I configured the VoiceMeeter inserts and I can route the 5.1 signal from in to out without problems. So the channels work and everything that goes into Cantabile comes out.

The problem arises when I insert an actual plugin. Lets Take NUGEN HaloDownmix as an example. I know the plugin is multichannel capable, I got it to work using Element as a host, so that’s not the issue.

Halo recognizes the 5.1 input signal w/o issues but it always initializes in “stereo mode”, giving my only stereo out. I have observed a similar behavior in other plugins as well. When I try to add channels to the audio out port of the plugin, there are no additional outputs I can assign.

Is there any way to fix / force a recognition as multichannel plugin at the DAW level? Because the plugin itself does not give me any options. In Element I can configure the output ports to Quad and the Input ports to 5.1 and it works.

Am I barking up the wrong tree here? Is Cantabile Lite incapable of what I want it to do?

Thank you for your attention.

It appears you are doing the right things, but the plugin itself doesn’t have the needed I/Os. I just tried it using Lite with VSTForx plugin (8 out), and all of its I/O showed up as expected, ready to be assigned. Sorry I can’t help more…

Hello sekim,

thanks for taking the time to test it. Well I got it to work using a really awkward crutch:

Element is a VST host that can be run as a VST inside a VST host (Hostception?!).

(music not running, early in the morning)
So, let me reiterate: it is not the plugins fault. Perhaps the plugins are incompatible?
I’m just curious why Cantabile is giving me such a hard time when it comes to multichannel.

I’m familiar with Element, and have posted several things about it here. It is interesting that Element would recognize the I/O but Cantabile wouldn’t. I’ve had zero issues assigning additional I/O in Cantabile for plugins that incorporate it. I’d suggest emailing Brad (the developer) with the details, he’s generally responsive to this sort of thing.

My suspicion is that the 5.1 capable plugins may have logic that senses the input as 5.1 and only then allows for additional outputs, and there might be an issue with Cantabile accessing that information. But just guessing…