Ikmultimedia B3X


I do the exact same as @Torsten

Same filter, as well, so my Modwheel and Expression pedals are unaffected because they are pretty universal across plugins.

I save the rack as a file to be shared between songs.

Of course, since getting the Montage, the only plugins I use anymore are NI Classic Keys, Omnisphere 2 (O2) and B3-X.

The Montage Bosendorfer and CFX sound great to me for piano. My CPU is happy.


Thanks gents.

As I remember (funny thing… right) the reason I stuck the “intermediary” rack in there was because I was having trouble figuring out to have a single MIDI CC event do multiple things.

For instance, on the ICON iControl, there are 6 buttons to the upper left. I figured I would use those for the 6 chorus settings. So I have them sent an event on CC85 - CC90. Then in my control rack, I convert those 6 events to a single CC73 at 6 different values. I also send a CC31 that I use to turn the Vibrato Great On if any of the 6 are pressed.

I think I was having trouble figuring out how to do that in my VB3 rack… so once again, that’s why I used the intermediate rack.

Back to the drawing board.

Thanks again!


Hi All,

A few offerings from the C3 Rack creation pursuit I mess with that were made with the current version of B-3X or some other VSTi’s in mind so I’m posting them until a solution comes. There is no hold CC64 on the current version though word is it’s coming so these 2 racks do that job. They both require a CC 64 damper input to the midi in of the rack to switch the hold and release states. You also need to route the controller you are using for the organ or VSTi that has no hold function through it to your VSTi. In the routing example below I am routed to the Note Holder rack and it routes to the B-3X. It is using the ADD type rack which holds the incoming notes after a sustain press and adds any new ones and re-triggers any already pressed ones. When the damper is released the state change triggers an embedded rack that clears all the notes for that route only and the normal MIDI routing is restored until the next pedal press. The LOCKED type rack differs in that it holds the notes that are pressed when you press the pedal and it blocks any new notes from passing until you release the damper like the ADD rack it sends an all notes off for the route through the rack …

Note Hold Rack LOCKED.cantabileRack (213.1 KB)
Note Hold Rack ADD.cantabileRack (213.1 KB)

They work here but I’m not sure if they will for everyone. They need Performer to work anyway and seem stable to me.



Note Hold Racks for VST instruments that don't support it

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Update version 1.1 just hit the stands!!

What’s new in Hammond B-3X v1.1:

MIDI Latch Mode lets you use a momentary switch such as a sustain pedal as a latching switch
Invert Controllers option for improved compatibility with controller sliders
Sustain Pedal implementation
New Hammond Profile for the XK-3 / XK-3c
Assignable MIDI Controller for Percussion 2nd / 3rd Harmonic switch
Various performance enhancements


Nice overhead view of the beast in action. Thanks go to IK Multimedia for link. :smile:



Haven’t heard this song since my years in marching band. :grin:


Hi All,

Just thought I’d post this rack for the B3-X that does the Leslie speed and brake using the mod wheel (CC 1) similar to the one I made for the IK Leslie.



I made another version, the first one was flawed. You just route your controller input route to the rack input and it’s output to the B3-X rack or plugin MIDI in. Sorry about that :open_mouth:

IK B3-X SWT.cantabileRack (11.9 KB)



Hi All,

I thought I’d add this rack for solo and performer that simply takes CC64 sustain pedal presses and converts them to Fast/Brake/Slow switches for use with B3-X. It automatically blocks the CC64 messages from getting to the Plugin and causing it to hold notes. If you like held notes, you would need to make other changes to accomodate it. It mimics the action of one of Hammond’s XK series foot switch options. You simply route through it on the way to the B3-X rack or plugin instance.

The rack changes color for each Leslie switch state for a visual indicator of each switch state …


B3-X Damper Pedal Leslie Switch.cantabileRack (38.7 KB)




Hi All,

New update 1.20 released

  • Keyboard split feature lets you play upper, lower & pedal manuals from a single keyboard
  • General reliability improvements




Has anyone but me noticed that since B3-X arrived upon the scene, the other Hammond clones have stopped all updates? GSI and GG Audio both hinted upcoming improvements prior. Acoustic Samples made occasional, unannounced updates until the “new kid” entered. I normally check all their web sites and social media every week, but silence is all I find. Yes, I geek about the clones, but just find it odd there is no rush to compete as before. They all have good products, but when teamed with IK Leslie, they are outstanding. We’ve all proved it on this forum. I would only hope they noticed. It’s all about the Leslie.

End of rant…carry on.


I’m still enjoying the B3-X but this feature isn’t necessary with cantabile3. You can easily set up split point and transpose inside cantabile3.
I still wonder if I’m the only one who thinks that the sustain pedal behavior isn’t properly implemented.

A while ago I wrote in a different forum:
“If you hold a chord followed by pressing the sustain pedal and then release the chord and play a new chord with at least one note from the previous chord (while the sustain pedal is held) the notes belonging to both chords are missing as soon as you release the sustain pedal (while holding the accord).”

All other instruments (including organs) don*t show this behavior.
While the sustain pedal isn’t necessary to play the organ it could be handy when both hands are busy and I like to reach the ModWheel for leslie speed.