Ikmultimedia B3X



OK. 2 instances of B3X. Default organ setting…vibrato/chorus off.

  1. B3X resident leslie 3300 panned hard left (with grit)
  2. B3X DI thru TR5 clean leslie Classic 147 panned hard right

1st audio example slow leslie on both
2nd audio example fast leslie on both

Recording 0050.zip (199.5 KB)

Recording 0051.zip (160.3 KB)

Discovery: using 2 identical instances of B3X REALLY fills some sonic space! Even if CPU is at 65%.

Corky’s VST Organ Tips and Tweaks Page :musical_keyboard:

A little OT, but maybe you want a good mat like this one, providing you follow its usage instructions carefully (all of them, not just the highlighted)… :wink:


That is straight up bad ass! I have never done that! Makes the solo grow more exciting. Super tasty!

That is over the top funny! I am getting something like that.

On a brighter side. I purchased a Montage 7, then the IKmm B3X, and my transmission just died. $4000 to fix it! Glad I got the essentials first, otherwise, the expenditure couldn’t have been justified.

I think I can afford the doormat.


That is why I use it occasionally. When I do use it, I feel the jazz/blues inside me come to life, and I construct the improv to what I am feeling. It takes many side roads to the end, and bandmates are standing there saying DAMN! Where did that come from? I’m like, “I dunno”.


Life can be a bitch when it comes to sudden expenses.

The Montage 7 is a great board, so I hope you enjoy it. I have mine coupled with my Korg Kronos and of course Cantabile and all the VST it brings. It goes without saying that the Montage organs are not a patch on what you can get in the modelled world, but of course I didn’t buy it for that.

If you’re interested I have a simple rack hat converts the Scene buttons (which send on a single CC, set in Utility mode) to Program changes that you can use for bindings in Cantabile.


Sickness! Yes!

Indeed, I bought the Montage for the integrated audio interface, DX7 engine, a decent piano and all of the Motif XF patches. I hate all organs in hardware synths except the Nord. Even that is limited and expensive. The plan was to integrate C3 with the audio interface in the Montage for a simple R/L send to the sound man. Montage is an excellent controller. C3 with quality Hammond modelings with the Montage is actually very nice.

Sure the Fantom is a professional nice keyboard at the expense of the DX7 engine. I like the Montage features more.

If you can upload those rack hats that would be great!


Hi guys, newbie here.

To let you know that I am learning a lot from your posts.
I am using two setups, turned everything to C3 during last 30 days.
Before C3 I was into Reaper as VST host and track change in DAW mode with Arturia KeyLabII.
C3 is miles better, no way.

Montage7 is my preferred keybed ever, I am not a pianist, this axe is for me perfect because it is not too hard but it gives to me the right dynamic behaviour.
Audio board inside Montage is wonderful, when with KeyLabII I use my old NativeInstruments KompleteAudio6.
But I feel some more “hi-fi” feeling with Montage, plus a good “power” feeling when I push the pedal.

The only thing I would add to Montage is a separated potentiometer driving headphones output.
I use small Behringer monitors connected to that in small clubs, a volume knob for that would be great for monitoring issues.

Just bought IK Hammond B3X, I love it.
The three different ways of adding growl (leslie gain, guitar amp gain and stomp) plus the final compressor, equalizer and reverb, allows an incredible range of nuances.
From Bank’s Genesis to Lord’s DeepPurple (I play in some cover bands…) I am really fast to find the sound I want.
I love the way of selecting patches available for Program Change too, fast and reliable.

Until today I mapped for my bindings only pushbuttons on the left of my Montage (Assign switch 1 and 2, CC number 38 and 39 if I remember well).
I use these as “Song and part advance” and back, this is for me 100% OK now, but with one drawback.
Native Montage sounds using those switches cannot be used the original way. Not too many, to say the truth…
So a good way to map Scene buttons would be appreciated (I was not able in my first tests to map same C3 binding with those…)

I am still using NativeInstruments vintage organs for some patch, there is some “high treble” effect that gives a good way to stand out when you play with a rock band.
But saturation and leslie are hugely better on IK version.
I was not sure of VB3 performance, sometimes very good, sometimes less.
I find it perfect when I play alone at home, but not too “powerful” with a band, but I can be wrong, I didn’t buy it and had limited tests with my usual setup

Thanks again, guys…!


Greetings from another Montage 7 owner. A fine keyboard and keybed. I was actually looking for a decent 76 note controller (I do not like an 88 fully weighted action) but could not find one. So in the end figured that a fine synth coupled to a good keybed is a bonus :slight_smile:

Have also just plunged for the IK B3-X but it will be a little while before I can dig into it. To date my VST organ route is VB3 2 (shame you can no longer purchase the old version) and the IK Leslie.


I was looking for the same thing.
A good 76 controller, not heavy and not hammered.
There is only one option and it is not 76 but 73.
StudioLogic SL73 studio.
One close friend bought it, he told me it was perfect, then something on electronics went out of order.
Still on repair.
So I had no chance to feel it. Maybe you can somewhere.
Cannot say why, but all controllers manufacturers have 61 and 88 (hammered) options.
No way to have a decent 76 thing.
I have an old Roland A33 in my cellar, but it needs some repair…


Agreed. I was brought up on the Yamaha semi-weighed action, staring with the DX7II. Then I migrated to the EX5 in 76 keys, and my SY99 is 76 keys. When I retired the EX5 from gigging, I wanted 76 keys as 61 is too small on the bottom tier. And finding controller only, which I was considering because of what I can do in Cantabile, in 76 keys proved impossible. So I looked at Montage, demoed it for 30 minutes in store and walked out with one. As I said, excellent controller and excellent synth to boot. :slight_smile:

I’m not a piano player, certainly not trained as one, so I have always found fully weighted too heavy for my taste, but have found semi weighted to be a good compromise.


Semi weighted of good quality is a perfect solution for me too.
Point is that many cheap controllers are not of the same quality as Montage.
I bought Arturia KeyLabII 61 which is acceptable.
The essential version (lighter and cheaper) is not enough for my tastes.
I think that Montage is too heavy for a small gig in a pub.
This is why I was looking for a light version: rehearsal and little clubs.
For a serious gig in theaters or big venues I was thinking to build a double 61 keys setup only for a perfect Hammond solution (two manuals).
But I am not a pro, and this is unprobable…


FWIW, I have a SL-88 (they have the 73 key version). First, the SL series is massively customizeable, the joysticks encompass all scenarios (Stick 1 - snap to x=0/y=0, Stick 2 - snap to x=0 only and Stick 3 - no snap and free floating), it handles MIDI via USB and 2 5pin-DIN outs simultaneously, 4 zones customizeable to pretty much anything.

Bummer about SL series (even the studio and 73), is the weighted action. Very harsh in my estimation. They have a fix for it where you can program the key-bed to respond more to weaker players (thankfully). I use it as a bottom tier for my B3-X, but don’t expect to play funky snappy chords on the SL.

My rig is a Montage 76 on top (primarily for organ and synth) and the SL-88 on bottom for Piano, Rhodes and Wurly with some lower register B3.

Although I love my set up, I wish that the only 73 key controller on the market could have a little softer action, even semi weighted. My set up is crazy, I use 5pin DIN and USB simultaneously in both the Montage and SL-88. I think Derek has referred to it as a “Star” configuration.


I still use my old MOTIF XF7 as a masterkeyboard for gigs (sometimes the Mojo61 above).
The MOTIF has a nice keybed suited for all playing. Even the “Root Beer Rag” is possible with a bit of training but with my KAWAI at home piano playing feels much better.
At rehearsal room I have a studiologic (numa compact or the like). I don’t like the sticks they use for modwheel and pitchwheel.


So… I’ve been playing with the demo, and unless I’m missing something, IK has not provided MIDI control for all of the parameters. Selecting PERC 2 or 3, Reverb Amount… and there are more.

I’m hoping I’m wrong.




No. Not on the settings page. Also take note that they gave the same CC# for Percussion Volume, and Percussion Decay.
I am expecting updates after the new wears off.

They ARE however in C3 plugin parameters, which is the way I am running it.


Yeah… that’s going to be a PITA for me. I use an Icon iControl to control VB3, with a rack in the middle for bindings and routings. I was just on their site (and I see that our man Torsten has made comments) and there have been suggestions to that.

I’ll just wait for now…




Hey Rick
I hear you. 1st versions are always experimental. Give them a little time to get it right. I made comments also, just a different alias. The more that comment, the more they’ll listen.


I have done a few gigs since getting the IKmm B3-X. I had to Create bindings for most, but the program switching and the drawbar presets are absolutely fun. I love this thing. The amp controls etc. it’s fantastic. The weakness is their midi implementation, but, as usual, C3 owners are not limited by hardware and software developers limitations whether intentional, as with Yamaha, or not, as with IKmm.

I no longer use VB3 or Blue 3.


So are youse guise binding directly to the rack with B3X in it? I have been using VB3 and an Icon iControl unit. So my typical setup is ICON > HammondControlRack > VB3_Rack. The HammondControlRack has all of the routings and bindings where I remap my MIDI data from the ICON unit. It would be nice to continue to use that “control rack” moving forward, but I’m not seeing the path.

Or… I wait for them to update. I see there are quite a few requests for a “more concise” MIDI implementation.



Nope, I create the bindings within the B3X rack, so I can simply send MIDI CCs to the rack and set the internal parameters. That way I’m not missing anything - I create my own MIDI implementation within the rack. I filter out all CC (except CC1 for leslie and CC11 for expression) on the route between rack midi In and B3X. Then I create bindings from Rack MIDI In / CC (whatever) --> B3x/VST parameter. This essentially creates a B3X with the ability to control any parameter I want via MIDI CC.

To me, working with bindings like this is actually easier than fiddling with MIDI assignments within plugins.