Ikmultimedia B3X


I became so used to the toggle switch from past years, I found a footswitch very clumsy. It is just 2nd nature, so I still use mod wheel. It is a natural movement in my demented mind. I do use the brake quite a bit, especially in long solos. I peak the solo by activating Leslie, slow to fast. Brake gives a great jazz feel.


The foot switch can creep away, for sure. I have to keep dragging it back to me. I keep intending to build a pedal pad for it, but I never get around to it. I may try the brake. I know that I disliked the sound of the leslie not engaged at all. Since I don’t/can’t play jazz, that may be why. I am a hobbyist for sure.


Quick fix…a piece of yoga mat under all pedals.


My first ever Hammond rig (with an M3) I had a Mutron Bi-phase and some flanger- it was green. The flange got a nice Tom Scholz sound and was also indispensable for playing Crash And Burn by Pat Travers. And the phaser was cool- like an organ string ensemble sound. i would use the wah with the Leslie braked or off for an ugly Low Spark kind of sound.

BTW I was going to check and see if the DI out of the organ could be routed to a 2nd Leslie for a twin Leslie effect.but I forgot to- can it?


We have that problem )pedal creep) at the studio sometimes and a guy just turned it sideways. Forehead slap.


The DI cuts off the Leslie, but you could run with Leslie, and run it into IK Leslie, or run DI out to 2 instances of IK Leslie. Doubt it will sound right tho.

Kinda difficult to use sustain and expression pedal sideways.:rofl:


Expression pedal is a different problem. Sustain works fine!

Leslie into Leslie always sounds really bad. A dual-Leslie though, if setup right can be huge


If you remember, we tried this before…not a good result. But, as I said run DI signal into 2 separate instances of IK Leslie (not leslie into leslie). I doubt that it will give you that big sound you are looking for tho.


You could try 2 different models tho, or 2 different rotary plugs.


What if you panned 20 R/L between the two? Would that made a difference. Both still stereo, just panned.


I think we tried that, but it sounded the same.


Yeah, it has to be different models, and panning helps. Otherwise you’re just making weird phase issues. But what I really want to fool with is the internal Leslie with the TRacks Leslie. I’d try blending a very clean sound with a very dirty one.


Then you need to get on IK’s long list of requests. :rofl::rofl:

How about 2 instances of B3X…one with DI, and one with leslie? If CPU can handle it.


I may- there’s better reasons to have a parallel DI out than trying to do the twin Leslie thing- different types of amp processing and effects that could be applied, like a clean DI with chorus blended in with the Leslie and of course the straight amp stack/Leslie blend that Dennis DeYoung used to use, although BX3 allows for that to some extent internally.


You could yeah, but what overkill. Plus, if you were using vibrato, say, they’d never quite line up perfectly.


Sounds like a project…you in?


Well yeah of course…


Let’s do it! I will have something maybe late tonight. More like AM tonight, lol.


I hadn’t listened to Low Spark of High Heeled Boys lately so did and then ended up coming across this 2007 “Light Up” https://vimeo.com/149060121 that has some great Hammond playing (great bass pedal work) by Winwood.


Love Winwood. A double leslie guy.

For @Howifeel…1st part of the solo is with brake on.