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It’s there now - let battle commence!!


Corky, I have followed the suggestions to boost the generator shape and add 3db to the output. However, I’m still having to crank all my Cantabile outputs up to max to get a sound which is loud enough for some of the full drawbar presets but not other, quieter presets. And even then I don’t have enough headroom to go any further. Any other ideas for boosting the signal?

I do prefer many of the VB3-2 to sounds to Blue3. On the other hand, I haven’t had weak volume issues with blue3.


Hi Lee

Have you checked the swell level on the right side of the gui? Also, have you tried using the plugin gain in C3? I agree the volume is much higher with full drawbars, but you are also adding more overtones and brighter ones as well. Check the different models too. Some of them are “louder” than others. The VB3 is not as “present” as Blue3, so you will have to push it more to get it anywhere near Blue3 output.



if you‘re using vb3-2 in a rack adding a small gain plugin could get you there (f.e. blue cat audio gain suite or voxengo msd - both for free).

This is working as long as you don‘t eat up your overheadroom at the end of your audio line (in between there’s no problem as the overheadroom is some hundred dB).

Regards, humphrey


I generally always throw a compressor on organs, if not a brickwall. Live you just need it.


Thank you gentlemen- good ideas.

PS- I added the BlueCat audio gain plugin into my VB3 II rack. Now I can get a good volume from the quieter presets as well.


Hi guys. I just had a problem: I’m using VB3II in Cantabile Lite on an Acer (i7-3632QM, 8GB RAM, SSD), controlled with a Roland A800 Pro.
When moving fader for drawbars settings, Time Load on Cantabile goes up to 200% and further. When I’m playing and at the same time modifying drawbars, I hear crackles and artifacts. Moving drawbars stress my CPU out. A lot. Do you have the same problem?


I’ve not had any problem with it. In fact, CPU load is very low. Are you using other vst’s with it? Have you tried the profiler Brad gave us to check such things?




I’m going to check with the profiler. Thanks. Then I’ll report


Do you have the VB3 GUI visible when this happens? Is it different when the GUI is not visible?


Yep. I suspect video driver shenanigans.


Don’t know, now I can’t replicate the issue. Hoping it won’t come back during a gig


Keep an eye on your background processes and make sure nothing is running itself unbidden in the background, especially before a gig. Do you have process lasso installed?


I don’t have processes that disturb playing, it’s a very (very) clean Windows installation and optimization.

It came back during the soundcheck, only one time, then I opened VB3 GUI to see what was happening, and disappeared. boh.

checking this Process Lasso


Definitely sounds like a video driver spiking cpu then…


Just following Fred’s point, do you have optimised drivers for your video chipset, or generic Windoze drivers?

It goes without saying that when you have the VST’s GUI open there is a lot work for the VST to do. Watch Cantabile’s page fault count on a complex VST when its editor is open…


nVidia drivers

playing with closed GUI

(does closing the screen - making it light off - make things easier for video drivers?)

p.s.: having this problem only when using VB3II. with first VB3 no issues. keyscape no issues (except that when I change song, it doesn’t load sounds… but it’s another question).


Do you activate knobs on-screen with Keyscape? Maybe there is actually a specific bug with VB3 and nVidia.


not moving anything on keyscape.

will investigate on drivers.



NEW UPDATE 9-2-2018

September 2, 2018 - Version 1.0.3

  • Fixed problem with automation not being written to host when moving some controls from MIDI
  • Fixed problem that could cause the VST2 plugin to crash in some OSX hosts
  • Minor optimizations