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VB3-II updated to v.1.1.0 with new improved Rotary Speaker and free GSiRotary!


The Empire Strikes Back …:smirk:


Still loving this competition.


I have the IK Leslie and it is Baaaaad but the VB3 II has a really good rotary I am using it standalone a lot!


The new rotary is pretty good. Haven’t had much time to spend on it, but more parameters and presence makes a difference. The distortion is much better. So now I have another rotary to try with my Hammond plugs. Ah…the humanity! The war is in full progress.:sunglasses:


This from GSi today:

know that some of you hate when a software is updated too often, but as time goes by each of us learns new things and tries to improve what was already done in the past. Developers do it often… and release new software updates :slight_smile: The next update of VB3-II will include some improvements in the area of tonewheel cross-talk and key click, it’s probably about something that was never done before in a Hammond clone.

GSi has often been the first to implement certain features in VB3 that were never done before and have later been somehow an inspiration for other clonewheel manufacturers, and if that’s the case, we’re glad we’ve been a sort of “trailblazers”. Since the very first version of VB3 we’ve introduced very important details in the sound of the simulated Hammond organ that made the difference: the 9-contact simulation, the generator fluttering, the loudness robbing, the noises (background leakage, relay click, wind noise). Later on we’ve added the selection of multiple generators, multple resistor wire sets, the drawbar trims (matching transformer adjustments), the “memphis style” and the “paradise mod”. Now, once again, we’re adding even more details to this sound, with the aim to improve the experience and make you feel like you’re playing the real instrument.

Oh, the picture below shows a minor functional improvement: the settings panel will no longer be shown in a separate window.

The battle continues…they are still listening to us. Guido…listen to IK Multimedia Leslie. Feel free to join this thread. We would love to speak with you.


I asked for the possibility of having the v1.4 Leslies put back in as an option. If Guido was to cut a marketing deal to include IK’s Leslie right into his plug- GAME SET MATCH! And IK Multimedia is a pretty big outfit- a merger plug by both of them would (I would imagine) clean up.


Thing is, IK is already in a deal with Leslie. It is confusing who really owns Leslie. I think it is now Suzuki-Hammond. So, I would think Hammond would have a problem with GSI making a deal with IK. What could possibly happen, is S-H already has Virtual Hammonds, and they could put out their own VST. I wouldn’t hold my breath about it, unless they see it won’t destroy their hardware line. Wouldn’t that be something? I can only imagine the cost.

You can do that now with VB3fx.


Well true, you can… and if I was going to add another thing in the chain I’d just add the IK Leslie. I’m just saying for the convenience of only loading a single plugin it would be great to have those older models available- if it wouldn’t be a coding nightmare.


Unfortunately, I doubt that will ever happen. But, with C3 I can put all that in a rack right now, and and not have to dream about it. Same convenience of a single plugin without the wait. :grin: Just sayin’…


My industrial spies are working overtime to expose your “Corkscrew” VST enveloping technology for products we wished were morphed into one. You can’t hide it from us forever …:zipper_mouth_face: you hear me !!


Are you contemplating a wallpaper?


Here it is


Corkscrew in the secret VST lab


That’s my old assistant! :astonished::astonished: So that’s where all my formulas went …:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: oh and the wallpaper was excellent as per usual!


So hard to keep up, whilst “Billy no mates “ away on business. Hope to be back home soon to try some of this out! :slight_smile:

In the meantime, it is something different to read in the bar!


Hah! And I am still Billy no mates in the bar away on business. Looking forward to getting back to VB3 and IK Leslie when I get back home, to give them a good work out…


Calling all @Corky s Calling all Corkys ! 1.1.1 update now available!


Whoaa!!! Haven’t been online much. Gotta check into this. What did they fix now?

Rotary Speaker: Extended rotation speed and ramp time ranges, and now displayed in actual Hz and Seconds. So it will sound like a UFO now? We shall see.

Thanks Dave


I was interested in the rebalancing of the upper octave part

“Modified “OLD” resistor wire set to have a better drawbar balance on the top octave”


Yeah…liked that too, and the settings not on different pages.