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Hi All,

I have been in on the conversations for the recently released VB3 II and thought I’d start a thread for it. I was a little put back by the upgrade price on day one but after playing it a lot of hours against my other organ choices (B5 and VB3) I have grown to quite like it and think I will continue to find ways to employ it. I made the plunge today as I decided that it was something I would use long term. I hope others will give it an ear, it might be just what they wanted.



Thanks for starting this thread. We’ve kinda bastardized the other. :rofl:

I had you in mind when I started it you old trickster! Where’s my nasty wallpaper post to christen this thing :rofl:

LOL. I almost started this thread yesterday. I’ll get you a wallpaper! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Well you know what they say, let no snarky comment go unanswered :rofl:

That is Very True !!

I’ll crap in this thread soon, but it’s dinner time. :smiley:

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I have to admit that I was skeptical, having switched from VB3 1.4 to Blue3. But after listening to the reviews of VB3 II combined with IK’s Leslie, and then trying it myself, I am blown away.

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Yea Roland,
I sometimes resent these stinkers who make me look and see but my ears always end up thanking them… Curse them all, my piggy bank is hurtin’ !! :grimacing:


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Yeah, but it hurts so good !!

Oh no…get your piggy bank ready. Here we go again…on another thread tho.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! no more! mercy mercy

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Have any of you who have purchased VB3 II noticed any odd behavior with the presets when used in Cantabile? Presets are selectable and respond as expected but the currently selected Preset name appears in all the slots.

Hi djdisbro,

Have you checked the Entire Bank box in the states behavior for the VB3? Are you talking about the Cantabile preset slots? They don’t get populated like on the old version.


Yes I’m talking about the Cantabile slots. I’ve attempted with both the Selected Program and Entire Bank checked with the same results.

Hey djdisbro,

The way @brad explained it to us was that different vst’s adhere to the vst convention differently. Some supply the names of the presets to the Cantabile preset system and others do not. I have noticed that newer plugins I have that have their own custom preset systems don’t show them either but the preset names on the plugin gui can be changed via state behaviors. My older plugins usually did show them. Sorry it didn’t work for you on this.


That’s good to know. I had a similar go 'round with OPX II Pro.

Just as Dave responded, after a week of playing VB3 1.4, VB3 II and Blue3 through the IK Leslie, VB3 II is the winner. Even though I couldn’t tell which VB3 version was which on Fred’s comparison I just really like playing VB3 II through the IK. One fun thing I did was turn the bass and mid EQ screws on the 122 amp up to about 2 o’clock for some bass line stuff I’m working on.

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I have to buy VB2 II for sure. Right now my winner is that + IK— with VB3 1.4 blended in behind it! Dual Leslies, bro! :smiley: