GSi- "Something is going to happen"


The mic selection button is at the right as it is for all guitar cabs, but nothing is said about different mics being available.


Hi Corky,

Thanks for clearing that up the differences between the two IK Leslie products. Once I get my VR headset and gloves I will be able to just reach down and turn those chicken head knobs at will. Perhaps I will invent VR Amp Smellificator :tm: to simulate the goodness of tubes heating the air and old cloth wire insulation :sunglasses:.

I’m joking around about it but the Amplitube interfaces are kind of fun, the amps do look exactly like the real thing.

I’m going to go ahead and get the Amplitube version, I already use the product quite a bit for bass and I think you’re right that the Leslie effect is identical.

Also I’m not (yet) in a prog rock band where I need an Arp Solina, Moog Mini, Mellotron, Hammond B3, Rhodes Mk 1, Wurlitzer, Hohner D6, Prophet 5 and CS-80 all going at once :grinning:


Ok, made the purchase, outlay was $45 to get Amplitube Leslie. For some reason now that it’s licensed its running at 25% (intel i5-2467M with base 1.6Ghz, turbo 2.3Ghz). I would advise the serious keyboardist to go with the T-Racks version.

It really sounds good through my PA speakers, interested to see how it sounds onces band is playing.


What’s cool is with Arturia you can basically do Geoff’s entire rig! Apart from the PPG, maybe… Trons are available elsewhere. He didn’t use it that much anyway.


Yeah, it’s great to think in these days that we get to have all of these great sounding synths that “fit in a single PC”. Doesn’t look as cool mind. :slight_smile: but much easier on the back unless you are rich enough to afford having a bunch of roadies to do it for you (that is not me I have to do all the lugging and shifting myself)!

I get my PPG type sounds via Nave and Largo. And Mellotron and String machines courtesy of MTRON-PRO and Virtual String Machine.


Many are the times the whole band doesn’t have that much space to fit in. :disappointed_relieved:


Hmmm, that’s pretty much my default Rock Band Cantabile setup :wink: - not so much of the Mellotron, but have an 88 key grand instead…


The real question is, was Asia a prog band (ducks)


New Video from GSI of GSI VB3 II being controlled by DMC-122.


There’s a subtle weirdness in the sound of those videos… The organ leakage sounds too direct. It’s like the Leslie is being blended with the direct sound of the organ. It’s cool but I think that’s part of what’s odd about the sound to me. The distortion has some of the same thing going on.


Yeah, noticed the outstanding leakage. Well, there is a control to dial that back. Should we tell him? :zipper_mouth_face:


And it’s not just that there is leakage, that’s cool. The leakage doesn’t sound like it’s being processed correctly.



while fiddling around with VB3-II and IKM Leslie (yep, this is on the way to become a really good combination when getting used to it) I still have the problem to wrap VB3 into a rack.

As expected entire banks is drinving me nuts. So I use activated single host automation parameters in state behavior. Here it seems the parameters are stored properly.

The problem: there seems to be some mechanism inside VB3 ignoring settings (when calling the corresponing rack state by hand it seems to be working).

Atm my workaround is a binding inside the rack, calling up the rack state again which is stored for a certain song on song load (I know this sounds absolutely strange and is pain in the ass to handle but seems to work so far).

So my question: has anyone found another solution for this?

Cheers, humphrey


I’m not sure I fully understand, are you saying that if you set the rack state for a song and save it that it comes back different but says it has the right rack state loaded from the states list for the rack? And that you have to use a binding to make sure the rack state loads correctly? I am not having this trouble and I am using Entire Bank, but only have altered a few settings. What loads up incorrectly, is it repeatable?



Hi Dave,

yep, what I observe is what you described: I set up a rack for VB3-II with a bunch of rack-states using entire banks. When switching through the states I was able to call up the settings.

Next was to shut down cantabile restart it and reload the rack. While switching through states I found the rotor disable parameter got corrupted (not sure if anything else). For states where I disabled the rotor, it was active afterwards.

So decided to use the host automation parameters (and entire banks disabled of course). Here things looked better: after reloading the rack all settings were available again.

Next step was to use the rack inside a bunch of testsongs (together with IKM Leslie and a reverb) and place these into a setlist.

Here the next problem occoured: when switching from song to song the rotor was active again in all cases. When calling up the corresponding rack state by hand (switching to a different state and back to the one I wanted) the stored sound was available again. As it seems VB3-II is overwriting the state information with a setting it has inside?

So the latest step was to add a binding to the rack which calles the same rack state that was called by the song again on song load. Since the settings are called up correctly.

I confess I‘m testing since some hours and maybe it‘s just me doing something stupid here (specially if I‘m the only user having this problem :joy:).

Thanks for chiming in,

regards, Volker


Hey Volker,

I found this … these folks had the same problem earlier in the thread



Hey Dave,

thanks for hinting me. I got aware of this posting when I scrolled through the thread seeking for a solution.

As I didn’t see an answer to the problem so far I thought I‘d directly ask here (someone who probably has solved this doesn‘t necessarily post it here).

Kind regards, Volker



O.k., forget about it, didn’t remember to deselect „Selected Progam“ in rack states :rage:. Host automation works (nearly) fine now (but other than yesterday: entire banks still corrupted!).

One strange observation when using host automation: when the rack is loaded by a song for the first time VB3-II always loads the „welcome patch“. When I open up the Gui it surprisingly shows the settings defined by the rack state but the sound always is the „welcome“ sound… strange.

To change this I have to call up another rack state and go back to the one I wanted (means: parameters are stored properly in rack state).

The only way to get this managed for me seems to be to have one „initialisation song“ on top of each setlist using the VB3-II rack.

Regards, Volker


Use for Amplitube Leslie UI on stage: