GSi- "Something is going to happen"


Teasing on Facebook! WHAT CAN IT MEAN??? :open_mouth:


You are being teased? :slight_smile:


By GSi, yes :stuck_out_tongue: That was Guido’s post…


Oh dear, I won’t sleep now.


It seems to be something vst related, he had a picture of a laptop. Dare we to hope :smiley: :smiley: :


Not getting my hopes up…too many disappointments over the years. Laptop really doesn’t mean anything, as laptops have been a part of some of Guido’s hardware. Such as:



Don’t squash my dreams man! I believe! I believe in VB3 2, I do I do…


(face slap) come out of it !
(face slap) come back to reality !
(face slap)‘There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.’


Keeping my eye on this! VB3 updates would be VERY welcome here!



"Gimme a “V”!.."

Ok…so now we know it’s “virtual”.


"Gimme a “B”!.."

Starting to get interesting


I believe in Santa! …

The irony being I’m getting really into this Blue3/IK Multi Leslie thing.


2 interesting comments:

Lorenzo Favale Sono interessato al mojo61… mi conviene aspettare? :grin::blush:
I’m interested in mojo61… should I wait?

GSi: Beh, questa è la pagina di GSi, non di Crumar…
Well, this is gsi’s page, not crumar…

GSI is responding that this is the GSI page…looks very good now, but of course, GSI has hardware also, a la DMC-122 and Gemini.


All indications seem to be that this is VST related and the VST in question will be VB3- but of course you know what they say about people hat assume lol


The only indications about VST is the comments from others…nothing like that from GSI. I blew up the picture of the laptop to see if I could read the code on what they were working on…blurry as hell…probably on purpose. LOL that is why I refrain assuming…just hoping. We now, of course know it is VB3 in some form. If it is what we are hoping, I would credit this forum, because we have been discussing, and “cussing” VB3 more than anywhere else on the internet that I have seen. You also may be right that users in this forum are moving away from VB3 and accepting the new guys with the new toys, which in turn started the fire.


If it does turn out to be a major VB3 revamp the question is will it be too little too late or will he wrest back the crown from the usurpers :wink:


That’s left to be seen. One thing…I would love to see the upcoming battle for the crown!! We all will benefit from the carnage :sunglasses:


I wonder what in VB3 would be new? Just bug fixes???

**Here’s hoping… **


For one thing…Version 2, which is killer. Another thing…fix for Win10 users having problems. Another…MAC 64 bit. Shall I continue? :laughing: