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Isn’t the engine in the Crumar organs significantly better sounding than the current version of VB3? I’d be hoping for that…


The Mojo is built around the VB3 v2 engine, which would be better sounding than current v 1,4. It is still proprietary software for the hardware. BTW…Version 2, I think is now V2.4. So many updates already on it. So, yes, new engine, better sounding.

Edit: if you listen to the Gemini and DMC-122, they sound the same as the Mojo as in VB3 v2.


It’s unlikely that it’s just bug fixes. Developers rarely try to drum up interest for a bug fix release. That’s a great way to tick people off. I’ve been using VB3 1.4 for many years, so I’m definitely curious.


BOOM! :smiley:




Great looking GUI :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I was thinking, what if that’s it lol

VB3 v1.5! New GUI!! :stuck_out_tongue:


:rofl::rofl: True ! Well, would be nice to look at :sleeping: It could be the new GUI for DMC-122 :thinking:

I see Neil D is throwing money at it already, lol. Way to go Neil…buying your way to the front of the line as if at Studio 54. :wink:


Oh this is definitely


Once it is out, I might see if it gives the Kronos CX-3 a run for its money.


Something I found interesting…DMC-122 has VB3 II , as well as 1.4.


That’s interesting. Wonder if it’s because of the Leslie models. The ones on the Mojo sound very smooth; there might be a desire to have the ones from 1.4 available. I still think they sound great but they get a little crazy at the fast speed and the new ones seem not to.


Different engines…different likes and dislikes…


Check this just posted on GSI FB:

Graham Stow: Guido, apologies for publishing an old photo of the VB3II GUI over on the Mojo DMC-122 GSi/Crumar FB group earlier. In fact you published this photo somewhere (can’t remember where) quite a few years ago. I put it in the photos folder of the Mojo Musicians Yahoo Group about that time (which is where I retrieved it from today), so it’s been in the public domain since then. Anyway, it’s now been removed and I appear to have now been summarily ejected from the Mojo DMC etc group. I hope you’re pleased with that.

The picture was removed. :tired_face:

Edit: now it is back up…WTF? Very weird.





Looks like Neil and Fred may be exploding with joy then :wink:


Well, I am too. I sure gave up on him,7 yrs of waiting. But yes, I can see Fred and Neil, hand in hand, skipping through golden fields, singing tra la la as they fade into the sunset. :rofl:


I’m seeing nothing new on the GSI web site?..


Corky and Fred have agents embedded in the organization … :grin:


It’s an ugly thing to see the priveleged taunting the under-classes! :grin: