GSi- "Something is going to happen"


It never ends well … :open_mouth:


This posted a few minutes ago on GSI Facebook:


I feel another long Organ thread coming!! … :sunglasses:


Shhh. Don’t rat us out man ! You are endangering our team !

It’s somewhat like poking a caged animal with a stick. So sadistic, so naughty, so powerful, so sick. Yes…I need help.


Oh, I get it now, clandestine … :expressionless:


:" He said long organ"

Corky and Fred


And the news keeps seeping out.

Kenny Zarider: Fantastic news, is there an upgrade price available from VB3?

GSi: Yes. Details will be release next week.




Just to confirm it is the same engine as the hardware, Guido said this concerning the Mojo and VB3 II:

Guido Scognamiglio: E’ lo stesso motore sonoro, uguale al 100%.
It’s the same sound engine equal to 100 %


No surprises really… can’t wait to try it.


OK! Now I must ask, my estimate is no less than $ 100.00 U.S., so am I off or will that be the upgrade price! Let the speculation begin!


30 cents would be good for me, lol. Retired you know. :anguished:

I figure $125 new purchase…upgrade $99.
I am bad about figuring but I am sure it is well worth it or more, but if Italian eyes are watching, I would hate to speculate as not to influence “the market” :thinking:

You never know. Guido has been so gracious with his prices before, and always had a demo, which most newer players will not provide.


Which accounts for the :thinking:


Yes . That Curmudgeon look.


I figure $125 new purchase…upgrade $99.

That seems pretty fair. I would pay that, for sure. But, I have never heard Mojo so I don’t really know how much better VB3 II is over VB3. I would be willing to pay a lot for a great organ plug-in.

I remember buying VB3 and thinking it was a little under-priced. Great little plug-in, got many years of use from it.


Hi Chris
Here you go…


I’m going with new, $125, upgrade $75. If it was $125/99 people that paid $50 for v1.4 would pay more than people buying v2 new :smiley:


Thanks, @corky. I’m at work right now but I’ll listen a little later…and start anticipating “next week”.


Just listened – whoa. Terrific.