GSi- "Something is going to happen"


I searched vb3 II on the site:

[VB3 II search term on GSI website]


Yeah. Guido said details would be posted next week.


See Veruca Salt, above.


Lol…" I want it now " !:grin:



Regular price: EUR 100,00 (+TAX if applicable)

If you already own a license for VB3, your price is EUR 75,00 + TAX


Iiiiiiiii’mmmmmmm atttttt chuuuuuurch nooooooooooooo

How much is that US?


It sounds great!!! It still has the VB3 character we know and love, but just has a little more edge, more growl, and more of that indescribable bell tone that plugins like Blue3 and B5 have. Much nicer layout of settings etc. also, compared to 1.4. Although I managed to get a hung note by holding keys down while changing patch…


i agree Neil. Lots of new presets. Love the edit pages.


Are the Leslie models updated? It kills me to say it but I’m loving the IK Multimedia Leslie. Have to see if I’m buying this or that.


Download the demo Fred.


Fairly sure the Leslie models are updated - there are many more tweakable parameters too.


The numbers posted don’t click with what’s on the website, but for the U.S. buyers the upgrade price today is about 105.00 to 110.00 U.S. dollars. Which, for an upgrade seems pretty high! I purchased the entire B5 suite new for 99.00 american so I am kinda set back here as to the pricing but please correct me if I am missing something.


The tone is really, really good for my uses so I will have to find the dough, a 10 minute test was all it took for me.



Hm, sorry to say but I‘m not that thrilled. Did a quick comparison to old VB3 & IK Leslie and for me it sounds sort of 1-dimensional. That said I confess: I did not test this in deep and of course there are lots of parameters to lay hand on.

Cpu consumption on the other hand is still low (specially in compatison to B5) and I don‘t neglect there is definitely an increase in sound from VB3 to VB3 II.

Think I have fiddle around with this new toy (and a least most probably buy it as usual😂).


I can’t download it until tonight! Whaaaaaaaaaaa


I am disappointed about no different leslie models as with other plugs (spoiled), but saying this without going deeper into the settings. Just used IK Leslie on it…very nice, as with VB3 1.4. Gonna take a few days to really judge this thing, but I am up to the challenge. :grin:


Hi Volker,

I agree, it doesn’t have the depth dimension of B5 as it is introduced, but it cuts through like crazy on my rig so for solos with far more impact than B5. I would probably go to it in a crowded mix or in the old Hard Rock band I sit in with, it would keep up with the guitar levels better than B5. I am still finding B5 treasures, and can say that for me, it records extremely well and has been on many recordings but this product, out of the box, is a good head to head with Blue3 for the cut through action. Like you I must play it more to know all it’s uses for my world.



Hey Corky,

I look forward to comments by you, Fred, Neil and all the other Hammond player people on this new one. I’ll be checking the postings!



Thanks Dave, you know I will be commenting :rofl::tired_face::wink::thinking:
My gear is packed up from last night’s gig, so I have a long day ahead before I can delve into this thoroughly. Looking forward to putting this thing on the road and test driving it. Also excited about Blue3 v2 coming out, hopefully soon. It’s a good time to to be a crazy Hammond nut. So much to choose from as my wallet becomes thinner. At my age, it becomes dangerous to be so excited. :older_adult:



How is it on Win 10? Did it clear up your problems?


@Corky No crashes so far! :slight_smile: