GSi- "Something is going to happen"


Oh and BTW you suck for putting the real thing up in comparison. :stuck_out_tongue: If I had gone for that level of drive it would have devolved into digital harsh. More experimentation is required. One thing I didn’t think about is that, for all its swirly yumminess, that track is in mono.


I think you are getting close. His Hammond is really in your face, balls to the wall. I like what @Neil_Durant did with his preset above when I ran it through the Classic 147 Leslie. I kept adjusting the Leslie settings to build on what he had. Started sounding really cool the last time I worked on it. I couldn’t tell when you changed V1 to V2, maybe because Tinnitus is my constant companion.

And yes, that was cruel of me, but I couldn’t help it.


It’s a lot brighter than my memory of it when soloed out. Which makes sense because it gets dulled down in a mix.


It is a lot brighter by itself. It sounds like full out.


While we’re on the subject of Yours Is No Disgrace, there’s a great bit of footage here from 1971 with a good camera angle on Tony Kaye. Good for checking out what he’s doing on the two manuals. Not a brilliant audio reference of the sound, but interesting nevertheless.



I watched this about two weeks ago, was shocked it even existed. And in color!


The big surprise for me with the release of VB3 II was all the talk about the IK Leslie which I hadn’t read much discussion about and so not checked out. When I saw it’s price I thought I would just have a bit of fun with it for the 2 week demo and then go back to the Leslie’s included with the organ VST’s. Now after many hours of back and forth comparisons with both Blue3 and VB3 II the only thing I’m sold on is the IK Leslie! Actually I’m sold on all of them but the IK Leslie is going to be the first of these purchases. Blue3 and VB3 II through the IK Leslie just sound right to me - if I had to choose one word to describe it I would use “big”. .


Same here- I’ll be happier staying with VB3 v 1.4 for now and getting the IK than getting V3 v2. Well, already have done,actually.


Both sound good - I think I can tell the V2 parts because they have more body for instance at 20 seconds? (Listening to your shoot out)


Interesting- nope! V2 is always first. The meatier/more body organ is V1.4, but you can tell especially in higher octaves that V2 has that extra leakage. V2 to me is clear and V1.4 is thick. They’re both pretty nice in their own way.


Yes - I wasn’t sure - it is interesting that the V1.4 is the meatier sounding. Agree - I like them both.


The Amplitube Leslie is discounted from $129 to $86 (T-Racks stays at list). I have had Amplitube running quite often for bass anyway but…

Any comments on the going this route would be much appreciated


T-Racks Leslie with a real B3:
Koch Marshal Trio


Wow, not too shabby! Shab-B… :smiley: :smiley: Ha, I kill myself. I’d say get Amplitube and save $$, I’m not sure there’s a compelling reason to do otherwise but I’m not sure if they’re 100 the same.


Hmm - the IK leslie adds some serious CPU load - whilst VB3-II with its own Leslie clocks in at around 8% on my studio PC, adding the IK leslie pushes things up to 18 / 19. Nothing to worry about as long as you’re only playing a stand-alone Hammond setup, but once this is part of a layered setup with some fun virtual-analog pads and a bit of Wurly/Rhodes, things start adding up.

So I guess, I’ll have one organ rack with the IK leslie attached (and maybe some separate tube overdrive inbetween) for prominent hammond parts and a couple of other racks without the IK for workhorse layer duties. Best of both worlds…




More than likely though, the difference in sound will only be really apparent when you’re playing the organ up front anyway, right… if it’s layered in behind a bunch of stuff the built-in should suffice with no problems. (On VB3, anyway :wink: )


I ran the Profiler and T-Racks Leslie does seem to sit right at 10%. Amplitube with my SVT Classic and 8/10 cabinet sits at 15% while playing VB3 II through it. I can’t figure out how to demo the Amplitube Leslie - it only has a buy button. For some reason I have 40 credits which is basically another $40 dollars off. I have never bought credits - it has something to do with the fact I bought the iRig UA (a latency free emulator for Android because amp sims are embedded in the hardware, the UI is just to unlock and control them) which was $60. I use it for playing Ampeg Portflex bass amp through my phone - sounds great). I bought the full Miroslav Philharmonik 2 for $110 somehow. IK can be like Waves and Plugin Boutique where out of the blue the product will be 1/4 the usual price. Since I only have to fork over $45 I guess I will go with the Amplitube version.


Question about T-Racks 5 Leslie vs Amplitube 4 Leslie on IK forum

There may actually be less controls in the Amplitube 4 Leslie - I’m holding off on this purchase until I get more detail


Hi Doug

I’ve been studying the Amplitube leslie against the T-Racks Leslie. Since there is some confusion, and IK doesn’t seem to clear anything up about any difference in the two, I checked my available parameters in T-Racks against the pictured ones on the IK Amplitube site.

IMHO it really is the same plug. Amplitube parameters and settings are in different parts of the main gui, whereas T-Racks is all available on one gui. Example: T-Racks amp settings are a click on the gui. Amp settings in Amplitube are a click away in the amp section. The amps there have a nice looking realistic amp with rotary controls for gain and such. The T-Racks version has the same controls, without the realistic looking amplifier.

The only difference I see is “fancier” looking gui in Amplitube. Of course, other stomps and racks are available in Amplitube that can be loaded easily in line with the Leslie, I guess in case you wish to add an octaver to your Hammond, lol. With C3, that could be done easily as well. If you don’t have load % issues, and you don’t mind running thru Amplitube, I personally would save some $ and not pay IK twice for the same plug.

You can check out the parameter pages for both at IK site, and see for yourself, same settings with a different look.




That’s good to know. I was wondering if the Amplitube version would allow virtual mic selection (though what they went with sounds really good).