GSi- "Something is going to happen"


I’d have to look but I think I settled on the 122A amp and 147 cab,


I add it to every Leslie recipie :grin:


AKA: Puttin’ Some Stank On It ! Another Memphis/Stax terminology :rofl:


It really does. it has that woody rumble that sort of sounds like the whole cabinet resonating. Or, getting ready to split in half.


A Little B5 resonance coming thru


All interesting discussions, but I guess organs can be as subjective as pianos! :slight_smile:

I’m on holiday right now, but once I am back I will download the demo of the new version and give it a go and so how it compares to the CX-3 engine in my Kronos X.

Can you also get this IK Leslie in demo mode?


I created a VB3-II rack, and set it up so that all the plugin’s exported automation parameters have state behaviour, so that I can control the whole plugin sound without having to define presets - they’re all stored in the Cantabile rack. I do this successfully with VB3 1.4. I can switch between rack states, and VB3-II changes sound properly, as expected.

But it seem those parameters are corrupted in some way after restarting Cantabile - the sound previously assigned to the selected rack state has changed. It’s maybe as though Cantabile is sending those automation parameters into VB3-II, but then the plugin is subsequently selecting a different sound.

The state behaviour I have selected for the plugin are just Gain, and then all the VB3-II specific ones from 1 Volume, 2 Bass etc all the way down…but notably, I don’t have selected program or entire bank selected.

Anyone else seeing this?



I have not created a VB3 II rack yet, but will try it out and see what I get.



You are correct. Same here. I saved some random settings to several states…no save. The only setting it did save was the tuning (432), and it gave a popup stating it would save after restart.

OTOH, I saved your “Wakeman” setting on “INT 64” within the plug, and also saved as a state. It works fine.


My usual organ tactics of storing the drawbar settings in addition to the currently selected preset seems to work - at first glance, at least. I do this to avoid side effects of manual drawbar manipulation (these would modify the vst presets, so I force them into the state.

But I have found a different issue: it seems version 2 has a different way of managing presets; when I select a preset, suddenly all presets in Cantabile’s list change their name to that one:


I would prefer to use Cantabile’s special “pseudo-presets” to work around that issue - @brad, is there a way to force this?




Also, try selecting VB3-II presets via Cantabile vs. selecting them within VB3-II. Changing them via Cantabile reliably also changes VB3II preset, but when changing within VB3II, it takes some time until Cantabile reflects that change, both in the plugin window and in the routing view.

Teething problems…


I guess VB3 II is a ground up re-write - as Guido mentioned really a GUI for the VB3 II engine built into the Mojo and DMC-122. Maybe that’s why the first release is missing things I assumed would be there because they are in 1.4. I didn’t see a global way to bypass the rotary speaker so I edited the first bunch of factory presets with the rotary toggle unchecked so I could route to the IK Leslie. I tried Fred’s 122 amp with 147 cabinet. I’m starting my testing from this point so I can then go back and test the VB3 II leslie’s for comparison.

I set VB3 II Drive knob all the way down. At that point no matter what I did with the gain and volume in the IK amp section I wasn’t getting much “grind”. Are people using the drive in VB3?


Hi Doug

I am setting the VB3 drive where I am somewhat satisfied. Then I use the Leslie as an enhancer, because that is what it does. Like I said above, I used Neil’s organ setting, which was pretty good, disabled the rotary with rotary toggle, used Leslie vst classic 147 with few adjustments, and it made Neil’s VB3 come alive, without over driving the “grind”.

In the virtual world, they try to give us emulations of the real deal. In the real world, your leslie is basically the amp and overdrive is mostly achieved there (example: Steppenwolf). The Hammond also creates some grit and other noise with age and other factors. In the vst world, it doesn’t always act the way we expect. Guitar amp sims don’t always give the same results with a normal pedal board setup. Sometimes pedals do better, in line AFTER the amp, which is possible with vst’s.

So, considering all this, I (imho) find this leslie to enhance grit, and tone. Not create it. At least, that is my approach at this time, until I discover something else.



P.S. I have been testing amp sims in line with the organ and the the leslie instead of using the organ distortion knob. As above, I set it to what I like, then enhance with leslie.


Same here- it’s definitely a process of getting all drives to gently work with each other. Even with the amps I’m trying as intermediate processors they have to be kept on the clean side and VB3, the amp sim, and the Leslie all add tiny bits of their own brand of dirt.


That is Sweet Dirt :sunglasses:


I’m working on the first few minutes of “The Sermon” to learn walking bass on the lower manual. I must say that the factory VB3 II “Jimmy Smith” settings with the IK Leslie is pretty spot on.


That’s the kind of sound I feel like it was designed from the ground up to do.


VB3 shootout!

It’s V1 and V2 though an overdrive stompbox, IK Leslie (122A) and Heacdcrusher. Setting are as resonably close as I could get. Trying for the classic Tony Kaye sound from the Yes Album. Listening back it’s interesting to me that it sounds a little cleaner than it felt in the studio. I could have grunged out a wee bit more. Anyway, every (badly played) lick features the same organ first followed by the other. Can you tel which, and which do you like more! Interestingly I think there’s one example where I really like one more, and a couple where I really like the other.


I like this one better :rofl:

Yeah, you need more grit.


There’s a difference in that he’s using two manuals so the left hand low notes really have a different contribution to the overall sound and drive than you get playing on one manual. But, it’s a subtle thing, you can get the general feel with one. Also I’m using the stock tonewheel set with VB3 v2, I’d like to try the different models. Blue3 didn’t get invited to the shootout; with the way the effects chain was set up it was WAY harsh.