FR: Range And Loop Handling Features (With Demo Video)

This video is to demonstrate my principle of operation - to make the upcoming feature requests easier to understand.
It’s not meant as ‘solution’ or best practice suggestion.

Features That Would Be Pretty Much Helpful


  • Indexed Binding for instant Loop Control
    -1 = Infinite
    0 = "Off (Play and continue)"
    1 = "Off (Play once and stop)"
    2 = 2 times

  • Creating a sequence of ranges could be dramatically simplified by 2 new commands:

    • "Shift Markers Left", "Shift Markers Right"
    • They would just move both markers left/right by the current ranges’ length and create a new temporary range.
    • See mockup:


EDIT: I forgot the “Auto-Follow” feature, which would automatically select the (most) matching range due to the current transport position:



Just to tie things together…

…this is the related Trello card:

…here is another post with a similar approach: