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I never thought using stereo on stage made sense until I saw Dominic Miller play with Sting years ago. He had a pair of 2x12 speakers spread about 8 feet apart behind him and the FOH must have been panning the mic’d up cabs. His chorus and delays sounded great.


Pretty soon, Kemper will be Native like UAD. In 2007 I started with the UAD hardware and kept updating to the Octo/Quad PCIe hardware accelerators till about 2015. I guess that’s the evolution of the business: The specialty hardware will be worthless.


Here’s news from Tonocracy by Atomic Amps - they have now made their software completely free - the free version used to be really crippled, but now all models are freely available. The latest version also seems to play nice at 44.1 kHz, which the earlier versions were sabotaging heavily…

Tonocracy’s engine is an interesting mix of modeling (mix of component and AI) amps and a capturing capability (they call this “Snaps”). It also allows you to use NAM models directly in your setups.

It sounds like Atomic are currently preparing to launch a hardware platform that will run the same presets as the Tonocracy software, so it looks like a pretty well integrated ecosystem. And Atomic have a record of demonstrating that they know their stuff…

Tonocracy currently offers a pretty decent bread-and-butter offering of modeled amps (Fender cleans, Vox, Plexi, Friedman, Dumble, 5150, Rectifier), plus a bunch of captures. Guess there will be a platform to share and probably also to sell captures going forward.

Effects are limited in range, but that offering may grow over time. Currently just offering the basics - good enough to get a nice tone, but missing some of the more exotic tone-shaping capabilities other plugins offer.

Cabs are a selection from ML Tonelabs - pretty nice and mix-ready, but just one version per cabinet. Guess they’d like people to buy the full range of IRs from ML once you’ve identified the model you like. I’ve imported my two default IRs, and they work nicely in Tonocracy.

CPU-load is pretty hefty, but manageable on my setup. Sound-wise pretty nice, easy to get to an enjoyable sound very quickly.

Overall: pretty impressed, given the fact that it’s free!

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I don’t know if plugins are allowed here
If not, I’ll delete my post

Well, a Les Paul was one of my dreams, together with the Moog and the Hammond :grinning:, but I had never the money

I also tried to build one axe, but the board was impossible to do for me due to the super-thin saw needed

Here is the Les of a friend (dx) and my unfinished axe (sx)

Now that I moved to plugins (way cheaper and no fingertips killing :rofl:), I use UJAM guitars for accompaniment and AAS Strum-GS guitars for solos

For the amp I use S-Gear with AAS Strum-GS plain (without embedded effects) and for my basic needs it’s more than enough

I take advantage to ask if a working Larsen effect exists
I tried the only 2 I know, but no one worked with my plugins

If you are looking for a plugin that simulates acoustic feedback, then take a look here: Blue Cat's AcouFiend - Creative Acoustic Feedback Simulator Plug-in (VST, VST3, AAX and Audio Unit)

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I tried it to no avail :crying_cat_face:
the one included in AIR Xpand! 2 is amazing, but AIR Xpand! is not a plugin unless…

Do you think that AIR Xpand! 2 can be use in Cantabile?

Air Xpand! 2 is definitely a plugin - I’ve been running it in my Cantabile setup for years. What gave you the impression that Xpand is not a plugin or that it can’t be run in Cantabile?

But AIR isn’t a guitar amp sim plugin, so probably best to discuss elsewhere and not drift too much off-topic…

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Yes, maybe I confounded it with AIR Ignite :cold_face:
Well, today I’ll reinstall AIR Xpand! 2 and so I can use that guitar

Hi everyone!

Just a heads-up for a new (I believe) and relatively cheap amp VST, PRIMO by apfxaudio.

I stumbled on PRIMO because youtube suggested me a review video about it. It also happens to be from an Italian firm, so let me just be a little bit patriotic on this one. :grin:

Anyway, I liked what I heard in the video and, after “trying the trial”, I bought it yesterday (29.90 euro). It doesn’t simulate any particular amp brand, it just sounds good (at least to me). After a few minutes trying the different sounds, I found some kind of hard rock rhythm&lead sound…I selected a heavy metal groove on MODO Drums and spent the next 20 minutes strumming and headbanging (like Europe in the 80ies, just with much less hair! :blush:). Great fun!


P.S. I own many other amp sims (brainworks, nembrini, etc.) but I am not a seasoned electric guitar player. I have just started on electric guitar a few months ago after playing only keyboards for many years (though I started on classical and acoustic guitar when I was a kid).


Thanks for the heads up. I will check this one out!

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I’m in the same boat; piano lessons for seven years and a bit classic guitar in the early days but mainly a keys player.
I often used stomp boxes with my hardware keys. Thats why I’m always interested in guitar amps/cabs/fx too.
Primo has a very nice workflow from my short test today.
The best result I got recently with a combination of ToneX amps/cabs with KUASSA stompboxes. For standalone use I used DDMF Metaplugin hosted in Savihost vst3 and my FCB1010.


Another very interesting AmpSim+ plugin first shown at NAMM: Genome byTwoNotes.

Pretty similar to Tonocracy in that it combines captures and models. Genome allows you to use captures for NAM, GuitarML (Proteus) and AIDA-X, so the most popular open formates are covered. Compared to Tonocracy, Genome is a bit more polished, mature and offers a somewhat broader range of effects - still nothing to get excited about, but good enough for most typical band sounds. Just a few more options re drive pedals, also delay, chorus etc can be synced to the host tempo, something I really think Tonocracy should deliver ASAP.

Some very nice polishing options, like the enhancer section of the capture player or a separate exciter plugin to add oomph and sparkle - nice!

The amp models have standardized controls that don’t reflect the original controls, so take a bit of getting used to. Preamp stage just has drive, bass, mid, treble; poweramp section has depth (low-range boost) and a contour control. The contour is pretty drastic - turn it to the left and it goes towards a bandpass filter type sound, so it focuses on the midrange. Turn it right and it will do the opposite and create a scooped kind ot heavy sound. Unlike anything I’ve seen on a real amp, but actually quite useful for changing the character of a sound if you’re careful with it.

The biggest plus is that Genome gives you access to the whole spectrum of the TwoNotes DynIR library - there’s a few cab models that come with the plugin, but the rest you’ll have to buy separately. But it also has an IR loader so if you prefer your own IRs (like I do with my favorite Greenback mis), you’re also set.

Price is OK for what’s offered - we’re talking 79 € (and I assume $ as well), so for anyone happy with NAM captures and wanting to build a complete guitar effects chain on top of these captures, this is a very strong platform. Think Tonex on steroids, just for NAM captures…

Definitely made its way into my setup!



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You might like this Torsten for IR’s, Cab Lab 4, it’s free from from Fractal

It’s my latest rabbit hole


TBH, I’m more than covered in the IR department - beside a broad collection of Ownhammer and Celestion IRs, I have Mikko 2 and TH-U Supercabinet, which allow you to “print” your own IRs from a configuration of impulses. So definitely not entering another ecosystem of proprietary formats…

The plugin is free, but the DynaCab packs aren’t…

It will load singles of 3rd Party IRs, I have no DynaCabs packs. It surprised me how in-depth it is for free. It can adjust the IR time phases to match each other better.