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I copied some pictures from the axiom manual (I mean the document; not the keys :wink: ) to word and made them real scale. Then making some textboxes with the desired texts. Then after printing and cutting, I laminated them with transparant tape and on the back I put some double sided adhesive tape. I can email the word document to you if you like

I agree that the Axiom is a fine Hammond keyboard!!


Thanks for offer to send word doc, I have the manual so I took a screenshot of the the photo of the keyboard from above on page 2 and scaled it up to match the physical keyboard so I can follow what you did.

I used the Axiom Enigma editor to assign the VB3 II default cc values for the drawbars to the Axiom sliders and the VB3 II “tablets” (Fast/Slow etc) to the Axiom Zone and Group buttons. I tried going 100% default controller values on the Axiom then bind everything in Cantabile but got some quirky results with the Bank Select buttons - the quirk was program changes going to other loaded VST’s (I’ve since learned how I might have avoided that by creating a rack dedicated to input and then use rack states to filter).

I have the transport buttons at default Axiom values bound in Cantabile to control Cantabile’s media player and recording functions.

At open mics I close the laptop but can see at a glance if for instance Percussion is on by tapping the button, the Axiom display will show 0 if off or 127 if on.

Maybe we should start a separate Axiom 61 1st gen thread here?



Since this relates very well to vst organs, I think it would help anyone specific to the thread. Either place you post it, I am interested.



Ok - will not separate out the Axiom related discussion.


This is interesting- check this out at 2:25! Does Gregg’s organ not sound like he could have been playing VB3??!! :smiley:
(I tried to find the full iso track of Jessica online and it seems to be scrubbed,


Actually it does. Gregg musta been a beta tester in the 70’s.

Used to watch Rick a lot. Kinda got tired of him a few months ago.

I’ll see if I can find that isolated track. It surely wasn’t absent of bleed in a live show in those days.


I used to have links to some sites that had tons of Rockband/surround stems. I’ll have to see if I can find them…


Just downloaded it. I’ll see what I’ve got.
Gotta find a way to post this.



Here it is…hope it works

Organ doesn’t start right away. Give it a few, or run it ahead.


Sweet! I’ll get it tomorrow, it’s bedtime…