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I copied some pictures from the axiom manual (I mean the document; not the keys :wink: ) to word and made them real scale. Then making some textboxes with the desired texts. Then after printing and cutting, I laminated them with transparant tape and on the back I put some double sided adhesive tape. I can email the word document to you if you like

I agree that the Axiom is a fine Hammond keyboard!!


Thanks for offer to send word doc, I have the manual so I took a screenshot of the the photo of the keyboard from above on page 2 and scaled it up to match the physical keyboard so I can follow what you did.

I used the Axiom Enigma editor to assign the VB3 II default cc values for the drawbars to the Axiom sliders and the VB3 II “tablets” (Fast/Slow etc) to the Axiom Zone and Group buttons. I tried going 100% default controller values on the Axiom then bind everything in Cantabile but got some quirky results with the Bank Select buttons - the quirk was program changes going to other loaded VST’s (I’ve since learned how I might have avoided that by creating a rack dedicated to input and then use rack states to filter).

I have the transport buttons at default Axiom values bound in Cantabile to control Cantabile’s media player and recording functions.

At open mics I close the laptop but can see at a glance if for instance Percussion is on by tapping the button, the Axiom display will show 0 if off or 127 if on.

Maybe we should start a separate Axiom 61 1st gen thread here?



Since this relates very well to vst organs, I think it would help anyone specific to the thread. Either place you post it, I am interested.



Ok - will not separate out the Axiom related discussion.


This is interesting- check this out at 2:25! Does Gregg’s organ not sound like he could have been playing VB3??!! :smiley:
(I tried to find the full iso track of Jessica online and it seems to be scrubbed,


Actually it does. Gregg musta been a beta tester in the 70’s.

Used to watch Rick a lot. Kinda got tired of him a few months ago.

I’ll see if I can find that isolated track. It surely wasn’t absent of bleed in a live show in those days.


I used to have links to some sites that had tons of Rockband/surround stems. I’ll have to see if I can find them…


Just downloaded it. I’ll see what I’ve got.
Gotta find a way to post this.



Here it is…hope it works

Organ doesn’t start right away. Give it a few, or run it ahead.


Sweet! I’ll get it tomorrow, it’s bedtime…



Arturia 7 has new instruments and upgrades to other instruments.
Of course, I had to check out the B3. Below is their video, but if you view it, let the cheesy stuff pass at about 29 seconds in. Then it gets somewhat interesting.

Main Features

  • Physical Modeling Engine (no samples)
  • Dual manual Interface
  • Each manual has separate MIDI channel preferences
  • 9 Drawbars per manual
  • 3 modeled chorus and vibrato settings
  • Separate upper and lower ON/OFF
  • Preamp drive
  • Modeled rotary speaker emulator
  • Advanced controls for adjusting the model
  • Convolution based Reverb
  • Traditional Leslie performance controls
  • Swell pedal
  • Percussion controls
    • On/off
    • Volume soft/normal
    • Slow/Fast decay
    • Harmonic selection
  • Output effects where you can change the order
    • Volume, wah, auto-wah
    • Flanger
    • Compressor
    • Chorus
    • Analog Delay
  • New Advanced Drawbar modulators
    • LFO’s with multiple waveforms and phase
    • Multipoint envelopes
    • Step sequencer
    • Drawbar destinations with positive and negative amount controls
  • Physical model engine parameters
    • Drawbar leakage
    • Tonewheel leakage
    • Brilliance
    • Background noise
    • Polyphonic Percussion
    • Key click volume
    • Attack and release controls
  • 86 factory presets
  • Easy to use MIDI mapping

Arturia V v7 now available

Still sounds like butt.


(Probably their processing though. Be worth checking with IK Leslie)


Yeah, will probably demo it after the coming weekend. I want to lay my hands on it and hopefully find some good in it. The Leslie in the video was not the old cheesy vibro-crap pedal they modeled for version 1, but you are right about the processing in their videos.


Yeah, I was not impressed with the demos. But as Fred says, might be worth trying it through the IK Leslie.


Hi Aart,

Inspired by the labels you made for your Axiom I ended up taking a slightly different approach. I used a Brother PT-D600 a friend owns and bought a white on clear label cassette for it. It can connect to the computer and you can download a label editor for it that has a ruler in centimeters which made positioning very easy.


Just dropping in to say that the new Arturia B3-V and IK Leslie sound REALLY FRAKING GOOD together :smiley:

It’s my new go-to setup.


What makes it better than VB3 and IK?


Hi Fred,

Would be great to hear a short example. Always like hearing the ones you’ve provided.