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I’m not sure yet in specific terms, actually. It just seems to have a meatiness. I only started messing with it today.


Hey Fred. Like I said in the Arturia thread that I wasn’t that impressed with the new B3, but found the the combination of B3 and IK interesting. I am in the Arkansas edge of the world tonight, but I may post some examples tomorrow when I get back home, if anyone would like to hear them.



I attempted these with a mini keyboard sitting on my lap, so bear with my full size key fingers.

1st demo is B3 V v2 preset “Soul Sacrifice”
With resident Leslie:
With IK Leslie:

2nd Demo is preset “Full Drawbars”
With resident Leslie:
With IK Leslie:

3rd Demo is preset “Gimme Some Lovin’”
With resident Leslie:
With IK Leslie:

Here is all of them in order in a zip file:
B3 V v2 (3.9 MB)

While this is just a simple test, I could have gone into the B3 and edited for days on end, and made a much better showing of the plug. As usual with other Hammond clones, most of the presets in this one are crap. The resident Leslie is not terribly bad, but I am spoiled with the better plugs. The distortion pedal is horrible, but the amp is good. It is really much better than the1st version, but I am not hearing the lush overtones in the drawbars yet. Once I get settled in on this plug, I will go under the hood to see what I can get out of it, and share here. The cleaner presets are not particularly bad, and the Leslie adds a lot to them. Of course, IK wins the battle again. Go figure. Maybe UVI Rotary on this one?



Hmm, is it just my ears or my multimedia speakers? To my ears, the IK Leslie snippets sound more “boxy” than the Arturia Leslie ones - as I hear them, the Arturia ones would actually work better in a busy rock band mix. Different discussion in a sparse trio setup, though.

Looks like I’ll have to check this beast out in earnest - may simplify a lot of my organ setups while sounding good enough for my purposes.

Thanx for sharing, @Corky!




It’s not you- the IK does tend to be boxy or dull and requires some significant eq to get in a mix- but then, so does a Leslie, generally.


Something I forgot to mention (at 3AM), I used the IK “Classic 122” preset on all, and adjusted only the volume. The Arturia was strictly from the presets. I also increased the plugin output gain on C3. If I were to use it on stage, I would kill, or aggressively reduce, any distortion from the B3 and just use the amp on the IK. I wish Arturia would do more with the GUI. It is good looking, but extremely difficult to see all the settings. I am glad they have a separate page now for fx and mods. I am definitely going to play with the mods soon.



Hey Torsten,

The Arturia has a “wide” panning stereo effect, and I noticed it was fully wide on many of the presets. I also didn’t change anything on the classic 122 preset in IK. So, that could be what you are hearing. To my fault, I did not try to do a comparative setting match on the Leslies. Just out-of-the-box settings.




Thanks for sharing. While I also prefer the IK Leslie because it sounds more like a real recorded Leslie I have to say the Arturia Leslie sounds good.


No, I don’t think so - what I’m hearing is more an emphasis, even a bit of resonance in the 300-900 Hz frequency range and a lack in the brighter range. On the positive side, this gives the “woody” feeling, but in a band context, it’s difficult to fit something so mids-heavy in the mix.




I’ll give it a second look…thanks


Last week I bought an used macbook in order to use mainstage with sunday sound. I would like to keep vb3 1.44 but it seems that the current vst al guidos website are not sufficient for mac. They all are .dll while mac expecs an .au or .vst

I dont now if guido has removed some stuff, so my question is: is there someone who has ever dowloaded al the vb3 1.xx file in both win/mac format (if mac exists)



It is possible that I downloaded it at one time, but v1.44 was released several years ago…like maybe 8 yrs ago. Since VB3 1.4 is no longer supported, or available for Mac, I will look in the several drives I have left, but it will take a few days. In the mean time, I have a few suggestions. Firstly, since you already own the Windows version, and GSI has deleted the Mac OSX files, you could drop a note to Guido at GSI, explaining your situation. He is a great guy, and just maybe he could send you a copy, or you could possibly get the new version at a discounted price. Secondly, there are other, newer, Hammond VSTs available which you really should consider also.

I understand you wanting to keep VB3 because it was a very superior product, and I still use it in several of my older songs. It just sits right in those songs, even though I own all the other Hammond clones. Another thing you have to consider, I “think” 1.4 Mac version was X86, so that could be a possible problem for you. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong on that. I will get back to you soon. I will also email Guido, but make sure you do so as well, since I will be referencing this discussion.




Thanks Corky, I send him already a note yesterday (cause I like put my bets on multiple horses)

I already found a tool to convert vst’s to au’s (its called jBridgerM). But I only have a dll and it needs a .vst extension


Does it work if you just rename the file with a .vst extension? I’ve never even heard of that.


Haha, I tried that too, but unfort.


I am a rookie when it comes to vst vs dll vs au, so accept my apology if this is “stupid”, but when I install VB3-II I get a vst 3 file in the folder “C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3”.


No not stupid at all- I thought of that but I don’t think it applies to this, being an older version. Plus, isn’t that extension .vst3?


Yes it is, somehow an extra space sneaked into my post, I did try to write vst3 in one word … ?!?


Oh I see, yeah :slight_smile:


I wasn’t talking about VB3II but about VB3 1.44.

I installed the demo of VB3II and that delivered a nice VST plugin within Mainstage.

But hey, that’s not what I want, …ey mate!