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Well… maybe that is what jBridgerM is looking for. Which means you have another catch-22 because only plugins with vst3 support would be convertable.


Careful - you’re mixing architectures here. jBridgerM is a Mac software - it is supposed to convert between plugin standards built for MacOS.

A dll file is a piece of software built (mainly) for Windows (dynamic link library) - there is no way it will run on a Mac, not with a wrapper, not by renaming it. It is simply built for a completely different operating environment.

Same with a VST3 file on a Windows system - it has been compiled to run in the Windows environment. For VST3 (the new Steinberg standard) plugins, there is a difference in architecture to VST2, but there are also separate Windows and Mac versions of the code - you can’t run the same code on a Mac; adding extensions to applications works differently between Windows and MacOS.

Long story short: to run VB3 on a Mac you will need a plugin version that is compiled to run on MacOS - period!

– and I’m not getting into all the Windows emulator for Mac discussion here –




This morning I got a briliant idea! I’m using the V-Machine editor VFX already for years as a sort of VST-Host (normally it’s intended to set up and test all the VST’s you wanted to use in the v-machine properly, and than load the whole setup into a V-machine for stand-alone use). But it can also be used as a VST Host for live performance.

So, I thought: there might be a MAC OS X version, and guess what? It exists!! It’s here. And the best part: there is note saying: “*The VFX system uses WINDOWS VST plugins only, even on Mac!

I’m going to try it tonight right away!


And, yes it is working!! Although, in combi with XQuartz X11. XQuartz allows cross-platform applications using X11 for the GUI to run on macOS (source: Wiki).

But there’s one drawback… I only get sound from the internal speakers while the general soundsetting are set to my soundcard. So that puzzled me…

But last night I read about a solution for that, called: Soundflower. So that will be the next experiment


Aaargh - emulations on top of emulations on top of patching :scream:

If you have fun doing this and it works for you: by all means keep trying. I just wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for a stable, simple and trustworthy solution for live use.

But I’d suggest moving this discussion elsewhere. This is mainly a Cantabile forum (and I don’t see Cantabile anywhere in your solution), plus the thread is about VST organ plugins - not so much about how to make windows plugins run on Macs…




in my opinion this is a discussion topic about Hammond plugins regardless of the Host or OS.

As far as I can see I’m only trying to contribute my experiences in bringing the (beloved) VB3 1.4 (isn’t that a organ plugin???) to the MAC, as many fellow members still prefer VB3 1.4 over VB3II.

besides, if anyone should make a suggestion for moving elsewhere than it should be Corky.



I think what @Torsten is suggesting is you might get better response and more interest over on, for example, KVR. Posting about Mac/Mainstage on a forum dedicated to Cantabile (Windows only for now) is a little bit of a disconnect. Yes, there are VSTs on both and everybody loves these B3 emulators. It’s kinda like if somebody went on the Volkswagon forum to discuss how to put Toyota wheels on a Cadillac. It would be interesting and we would probably learn something, but in the end, you would not have a reliable car to drive to work every day. There is also a “could you/should you” question implied.

I would think Brad (Cantabile) would have no problem with a few side discussions (it’s his forum), but although interesting, it probably isn’t the best audience for your science project.

Just an attempt here to de-escalate a little, no attack intended. You have an admirable problem solving ability and focus.




Check you messages…it should be helpful. Also read my comments.


Hammond E182 through IK Leslie.
We’ve known this for awhile though…the rest of the world is catching up.


…but they won‘t get us as they have twice the latency :wink:


This from GSI :

We’re planning to release a new update to VB3-II by the last quarter of 2019. What new features would you like us to implement? We’d appreciate your suggestions, even though we can’t guarantee that we can implement exactly all what you ask for.

What’s already in the to-do-list:
1. Octave shift buttons for each manual (like in the old VB3)
2. MIDI Output support (to sync with motor-fader controllers)
3. MIDI CC support for recalling drawbar presets


No photo description available.

Sounds like a good time to voice your opinion about changes you would like to see.

No response page was offered, but this came from GSI Face Book.