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It sure surprised me.


That goes back to my theory that the organ sound itself is of lesser importance, it’s really about the Leslie effect.


Leslie is quite the ego-maniac. It’s all about Leslie.


Wow, I just fed that same Arturia Modular patch through VB3’s leslie and it sounds great. Never even noticed the organ patches in that synth.




Doug, I am wondering if those caps are the caps from Ocean Beach? And if so, what you’ve done to fit them on the sliders of the Axiom?


I bought the caps from Ocean Beach and replaced the generic slider caps on my Arturia 61-key controller. I had to use some SuperGlue to make them stay on (otherwise they keep popping off), but It worked. Not sure if the tops of the Axiom sliders are the same…


I got a little crazy on this one. I have two Axioms, on my first attempt I used a drill to enlarge the slot. Those don’t fit as snug but that keyboard is my “lower manual” so I hardly ever change those. For the “upper manual” which I constantly adjust drawbars I did the following:

Video - Milling Ocean Beach Drawbar Knobs

It was done with a Dremel 220 “Workstation Drill Press” and this little Z-Color Clamp Vise
Amazon - Z-Color Clamp Vise

They fit nice and snug now.

Another approach would be to just use an exacto knife and a needle file and if the slot is too big use Instamorph to custom mold:

Keyboard players who use my setup at open mics love the drawbars!


Sometimes going dry can be a painful experience. Though lubing it up with too many FX can leave you with a big sloppy mess. I prefer to go au naturale with just some internally generated reverb. I think it lets you really feel the sound the way it was meant to be. Don’t you agree Corky?


Hi Steve

Anything can have too much fx. Such as, in a vocal, the more reverb, the more the vocal gets washed out. Unless you are going for a certain washout effect, that’s ok. But, wouldn’t want to do it as a standard effect. If we are discussing organ, a slight reverb is always an enhancement, But again, unless you are going for a certain washout organ effect, It is standard practice to add the slight reverb to an organ. A dry organ is like a dry vocal…mostly plain, and not inspiring.


Wow, that’s a delicate operation. I didn’t know it was that hard. On the other hand, I am still awaiting the transfer of the caps to the Netherlands after I ordered them on March 28: frowning: so it’s good to know that I have to be very careful


Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Aart from the Netherlands. I’m playing synths and hammond mainly in a gospel / worship setting.

In 2007 I started with a Roland VK7 (yuck) and then discovered VB3 in 2008. The first years I used VB3 on stage via a screenless Windows desktop and later via a SM-Pro V-Machine. Since last December I have been using VB3 via a laptop/focusrite combi because the sound quality via a Focusrite turned out to be much higher than via a V-Machine. I’ve tweaked the leslie settings of VB3 more or less according the speed and fall/rise setting derived from VB3-II. You can hear this settings on this video from the last Chrismas:

A few months ago I discovered the new VB3-II version with which I experimented, but I was not entirely convinced about the characteristics of the leslie. By searching for leslie alternatives I came across this forum and tried to read all the tips and others.

Since last week I have the T-Racks version trial version and I am super excited about the combi VB3 + IK T-Racks Lesie. I still have doubts about buying a Mojo 61 or continuing with the laptop because I want to carry less stuff and build less on stage.


Welcome to the forum Aart.

I originally started this thread so we could share our thoughts and experiences with each other about VST Hammonds. I’ve been playing Hammonds over 50 yrs, and started using B4 VST over 10 yrs ago. VB3 was a game changer when it came out, and still has a place at the top today. There is also Blue3 and Acoustic Samples B5. They all bring something to the table. I have them all and use them in live performance and recording. As you’ve seen from the comments above, we are very passionate about our beloved beast. Even though I have access to Hammonds, I will never carry one with me again. As far as the Mojo or any other hardware module or keyboard, I’ll never spend the $$$ on them again. The virtual intstruments have what I want at a lower price, a better selection, and a better sound. Cantabile adds the performace needs to make VSTs shine in a worry free environment.


Welcome to the forum Aart! Now that I’ve done one set of knobs with a drill (held the knob in place with two small strips of wood in vice grips) and once with the dremel “milling machine” I’ll think about how I would do it now without the dremel. I’m assuming your faders have the 8mm post. What keyboard are you using?


I also have an Axiom 61


And they’re on!!


How did you make the clear labels? They look very professional! My white labels created on an old Brother label printer look completely amateur next to those :grinning:

Edit: I think the first generation Axiom (Fatar TP/9 keybed) is a great keyboard for Hammond emulation. Maybe I’m just used to it but I’m now in a band (playing bass) with a keyboardist who plays a Nord Electro 5D with the Fatar waterfall keybed - it’s nice but the Axiom plays as well for me.


I think something moved in my pants just a little.


At my age, a movement in my pants is not a good thing.


At our age it’s even MORE of a good thing :smiley: Unless you mean- oooh. :frowning: