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What a great comeback! Have to use that one. Some folks assume that using new gear means that you are not respectful of classic gear.

I am thankful that we don’t use those monophonic SY-1, 6 voice Juno 106, Matrix-6, DX-7 with no fx built in (except the 106), samplers with all of 16mb of mono sampling space (owned all the above but a sampler. Fun at the time but useless now).

I’d sure like to see a keyboardist A/B a classic synth with O2.

(how did I get off on this tangent?)


Hey, that guy looks like my pastor!


Samplers that load from a floppy disk!


What a PAIN!! The ease that those would get corrupted.


Speaking of which, I was looking for something and found my entire library of Mirage disks yesterday! I’d let you have them but I still have a Mirage and I need to keep at least a couple around to boot the thing up :smiley:


I’ve been practicing/learning blues and trio type organ for months and found VB3 II best but now have an opportunity to play classic rock. I found myself gravitating back to VB3 1.4 for many of the tunes.



I just noticed that Rotary is on sale right now until 18th March. Down from €79 to €49 so I demoed it tonight. I couldn’t fully decide if I preferred the IK Leslie over this one. Probably the IK Leslie, but there was something about this one that I liked as well, so decided to get it whilst it was on offer, so I have the option of either.

In fact I liked running both of them together (I had them in my Cantabile rack, turning them on and off, and occasionally tried them together. That gave a really complex sound!

And I now understand what you mean about the presets!


Hey Derek

I still use mine in certain songs. I really prefer this on guitar, and some E Pianos, than the other Leslies.


Things sound really different on guitar. Hell, I like the horrible rotary effect in Guitar Rig on guitar :smiley: :smiley:


Guitar Rig?..damn. It’s been awhile. Forgot about it. I still have it, but haven’t visited it in a looooooong time. Probably because it sucks now compared to all the other upstarts.


When Tony Monaco demos the overdrive early in this Mojo presentation, I got that funny inner orgasm, so… good stuff.

I’m finally catching up on this incredible thread! :slight_smile:



Please pray for me, fellow organists, for I have sinned.

During the entire year of live-streamed performances, where Tuesdays were the “It’s Got a Nice Beat and You Can Dance To It” shows (IGANBAYCDTI) having a rock theme, I always featured some organ performance, and the organ that I used was the same for every show. And that organ was (here is the confessional part):

The Arturia Modular V3 with the 88800000 or the 8000800 patch pulled in through the UVI Rotary plugin, always with either the default or the stereorgan setting. That is, NOT EVEN A PROPER ORGAN SIM!!!

(Sounded fantastic, though…) (I only used those two patches the entire year…)

Can I stay here a little while longer before you all kick me the hell outta here??? :frowning:





**The elders shall meet and decide your fate !! **


I don’t know. Let me hear what it actually sounded like before I pass judgement :smiley:


@FredProgGH @Corky

Here are most of the Tuesday IGANBAYCDTI shows. All use those patches! :blush:

(It’s embarrassing to share these.) Try # 25 to compare the fidelity of this remastered version with the one on YouTube below (picked only because it opens with the organ being played - sloppy as I am always improvising new stuff, which is the purpose behind doing these - nothing is rehearsed):

If you prefer to watch the live performance (though it is NOT very exciting) here is the YouTube channel for those shows (it has all the shows, since they were all streamed live).
(Episode 25):

I know you will enjoy the Fidbak mastered version(s) more! However, there are five pieces per show, each 8 to 10 minutes. So, for jumping around just to hear the organ parts, the video is easier since the previews show up in the progress bar.




Terry, I watch your channel whenever I get a chance(of course, you know that), so I was glad you shared the fidbak masters. They really have a great sound and that organ sounds much better as well. I was surprised it was the V3.

NOW…that said

Judgment must be made on the deadly sin.

I propose the sinner may stay, BUT penance must be paid. Even though you have repented, I suggest a Solemn penance. Therefore, it is my opinion that you disclose your sin to Lord…Jon Lord, that is, and listen to The Jon Lord Blues Project for no less than 3 hours a week for 4 weeks. Other elders may have differing opinions. We shall see. May the tonewheels be with you.


This seems wise to me.


Listening now (on repeat) to the Jon Lord Blues Project. Felt better right away!



I’m not sure whether a bad sound can be made on Arturia’s Modular V3. It is up there with their Synclavier as an incredible VSTi.

I was just as surprised when I fed that through the UVI Rotary plugin! I said, “WHAT???”!