Arturia V v7 now available

New Instruments:

Mellotron V
Synthi V

And improved many older instruments.

See B3 improvement here:

Hmmm - looks tasty!

But no upgrade pricing for v6 owners??? When I log in to see my upgrade price option, all they show is the $399 new customer price. Not biting here…

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My v6 seems to be updating. But my virus blocker just blocked it as a “dangerous encrypted file”

Hey Torsten.

Web page for me says $299.00 . That’s a bit much, but Mellotron sounds really good. Haven’t heard anything else other than the B3. I am going to demo it, just to see what substantial changes have been made.

In the long run, that might be a good thing. :grin:

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Just found this:

$200 for an upgrade from V6.

Yeah, I got an email that says I could upgrade for €199, but when I log on at the site, the personal upgrade price doesn’t show, only the €399. Maybe something wrong with the German site…

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The last thing I need is more Tron, but I am curious about it. I can’t wait to hear the CZ though, their track record with 80s digital synths is pretty spectacular!

Fred, here is a very short demo of CZ.

The CZ by itself is $99.


I think I paid $99 back in the day for a real CZ


As for the Synthi, it sounds good but I plan to buy a real Behringer VCS3 hen it comes out :smiley:

It’ll happen!

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Upgrade pricing is €199 for me instead of €299. A friend on another forum, says if you are in no rush then wait a year and you will get an even better upgrade offer about half of your “introductory special offer”

Like Fred, I do not need more 'tron as I have GForce MTRON pro with all the Streetly Tape expansions, and the CZ is of passing interest, but the demo was good.

What will probably make me pull the trigger right now is the VCS3. I have the XILS V4, but whilst a fine synth, I have never quite coaxed the Jarresque or Hillagesque (Tim Blake) sounds out of XILS that I want. It sounds like Arturia have done a good job, listen to the Jarre Meets Floyd Demo on the VCS3 Overview. They have nailed the “music concrete” sounds and sequence sound from Oxygene by the sound of it, and the On The Run demo is not bad either (but my Kronos AL-1 engine does that pretty well anyway!).

Well I pulled the trigger and the Synthi emulation is indeed awesome. Especially their Jarre patches (only two). Worth it for me for that alone going for the first discount offer, and not the second one if you can wait long enough…


Just demoed the CZ as well. Whilst I do not really know the original (I remember playing with one in an electronics shop in around 1985!) it has some nice sounds in it and worthy of exploring.


If I am not mistaken, the CZ is true to the original, but now has all the Arturia bells and whistles to tweak it into a completely different instrument. I was amazed to hear what they were able to create with it. The Demos are only good for 20 min, so it will be a few days before I have time to give them a run. I am really interested in the improvements on their existing instruments. I am also looking at the Analog Lab changes which appears to be more friendly in live use. Other than that, they will have to impress the hell out of me before they get into my pocket for that amount of money. I will probably use the money instead on a newer, faster, ram loaded, ssd packed computer, before my current ones decide to give up the ghost.
Then again, I might just give all this up, and take a long needed vacation. :sunglasses:

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If you have been running a 32-bit version of Cantabile or any other DAW and own an Arturia V Collection version, be informed that they have retired the 32-bit versions of the instruments, and the current updater will uninstall all 32-bit versions presently installed on your machine.

Consequently, if you want to continue using the Arturia V Collection instruments, you will need to switch to the 64-bit version of your software.


Wow. Didn’t know that. It wouldn’t affect me, but that’s somewhat intrusive. I’ve noticed others are also ending all 32-bit support. VB3 was early in doing that. Just don’t get why an installer would uninstall 32-bit.

Whilst I am not using 32 bit any more apart from a few legacy ones (like a Taurus emulation no longer developed, but it sounds fantastic), it was indeed a surprise that they would be uninstalled. So I copied the 32 bit VST DLLs to a different location before letting the installer run.

I’ve now had a chance to play with the Arturia Mellotron, checking it against my GFORCE MTRON Pro using the MK2 3 Violins in both as a benchmark. Arturia have not done a bad job, and are closer to the original Mellotron ethos in terms of controls. If you need a Mellotron sound and have nothing else, then this will do you well, but to my ears, I prefer the MTRON.

The reason for this is two fold

  • The Arturia Melly is quite noisy and you don’t seem to be able to turn it off. You can go too far with authenticity in my opinion. Have it there, but have the option to turn it off. There are controls for mechanical noise, flutter, noise floor, but none of these affected what I was hearing
  • The MTRON samples sounded better to me.

And MTRON gives me a vast library, as I have been collecting the Streetly tape expansions when they come on special offer. The latest even gave me some Steve Hackett long lost tape libraries used on Please Don’t Touch - The Voice of NECAM on NECAM rising (a bit of a 10cc I’m not In Love type vocal collage) which sounds gorgeous.


Wait, just to clarify - it will uninstall by 32 bit versions even if I don’t buy any new Arturia products or updates?

Yes. I discovered it because I ran the Arturia Software Center in case there was an update to anything (there usually is when a new release happens) and a note popped up informing me of its malicious and nefarious intentions. (Of course, I’m all-in with 64-bit anyway, but…)