Arturia V v7 now available


They must be partnering with Microsoft. :smirk:


Wow! That means I can’t add and take away different machines without it uninstalling.

I wonder if I just move the dll files from my plugin folder while I run the center, and then move them back. Should I back up any other folders or files?

  • Paul


What I do for certain items that I do not use in every DAW or Cantabile is to make a special folder for those particular instruments and then point my software to “see” that folder, but I don’t point the other softwares to it.

But you’d better hide what you have already - also, the new installer will NOT install any 32-bit instruments any longer.



Not to hijack the thread but I know exactly the Taurus VST of which Derek speaks. I love that thing. We own a Moog Minitaur and while it’s probably technically fatter and more accurate the vst actually sounds more Taurus-y in the mix when I play it. Anyway, this is way we’ll always need j-Bridge.

As to the Tron, I agree about the insane number of tapes G-Media has put out. My only gripe ever about M-Tron Pro was that if anything it’s slightly too clean and polite but it sounds like Arturia has gone a bit too far in the opposite direction. I kind of feel like every time I use the M-Tron I sound just like anyone else who uses the M-Tron. I’d like to try the Arturia just for that reason.


Derek, I was wondering if the “mechanics” rotary knob (under the top behind the keys) adjusts the noise you were speaking of. From what I’ve seen, it is similar to the Leslie noise in the Hammond clones that can be turned down. The noise floor knob also clears up noise, so…just sayin.



I won’t lie, the GUI makes me happy. M-Tron didn’t even try in that regard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Does the motor turn??


Yes it does…watch this


Use your own samples, so they will sound like they are on the tapes. Edit original sounds. Blend sounds too. Really has me looking twice.



OK, that’s getting interesting. I love the idea of “tron-izing” my own samples.


If you were industrious you could copy the Streetly stuff and put it in there…


I think that would be my current look, with less hair and more wrinkles.


Hi, Corky

No, I tried all of those whilst doing my quick compare. I may check again later. :slight_smile:


Could be the noise is part of the samples (tapes)?


It could well be, but didn’t go that far into checking, as I think I will be sticking with MTRON for my Melly fix.


There has always been the great debate in the digital Tron world… remaster and de-noise the tapes, or not?


Got a chance to try a few demos, which was limited to 20 minutes.

B3: Much better than version 1. It is still nowhere close to the other clones available. Much more attention to different models, Leslie selections and settings, and filters. Even with that, the Chorus/Vibrato is still horrible. The Leslie is much better than version 1, but it still retained much of that cheesy vibrato sound. It is almost up to the Kontakt Vintage Organ standards, ugh! I did try it briefly with IK Leslie, and it wasn’t too bad, but I have easier plugs that do it better. No Sale!

CZ: Interesting. Wish it gave me more time to explore. I didn’t think I would like it, but quickly changed my mind.

Mellotron: True to the original. Interesting options with this. I did not experience the noise @Derek described. I did encounter a slight delay in sound being quickly available when changing presets. Don’t know what that was all about, but was a little frustrating.

All in all on these I tested yesterday, CPU load was very low on them all. They all peaked around 18-20%



I downloaded demos but probably won’t play with them until tomorrow. Your description of B3-V sounds just like what we hear in the audio demos… I’m actually a little surprised that Arturia doesn’t just drop some of the stuff that they clearly don’t do well and concentrate more on the stuff they do very well, but I guess they are catering as a one stop shop for a lot of users.


There are people who have no clue what is good or bad (probably me occasionally), and Arturia may be the only plugs they are willing to use. I know many people who cannot tell the difference between VB3 and DSK B3x, and Melda Rotary vs IK Leslie. Some of them may develop for Arturia. My thought on Arturia…they either hit the mark and make a great plug, or they totally miss it…no inbetween. IMHO, I think they do it much better than Roland’s attempt. Arturia consistently reduces CPU load with each update. The B3 and it’s Leslie is modeled. Roland is very heavy on loads.


I think you are right there. They have some very good ones, and then some very bad ones!


Roland has a philosophy (or so it seems) of component level modelling, and CPU be damned. Interestingly, Arturia say they did that for the Synthi; so what’s its CPU hit?