Corky’s VST Organ Tips and Tweaks Page 🎹

If I ever get time, I plan to apply Bobby’s “fix” to the VSTs. They all seem to have these settings, in one form or another, but don’t know if they will respond as a real Hammond would.


Good thing there’s no screen in these VST’s for the back of the B3 or I’d put hole in my monitor trying to adjust those screws :crazy_face:


Hey people, promo alert!

IK Multimeda Leslie (T-Racks version) is now $50/€50 - or even less ($35/€35) if you have jam points!

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@Corky, When you give a file name as Blue3 VST3-With A Little Help + IK Leslie does that mean that the program is for Blue 3 only and you are running output to IK Leslie or is the program setting up BOTH Blue3 and IK Leslie.
If program is only setting up Blue3 do you have a program file for IK Leslie also? Link?

Yes, when I have “+ IK”, it means I set Blue3 to go thru IK leslie. I then have a seperate IK Leslie corresponding to Blue 3. The Blue 3 + IK will have different settings than the Blue 3 alone. The routing is up to you (just Blue3 out to IK). So, when I set a preset to Blue3 alone, everything is inclusive in Blue3. But, with +IK, different settings and direct out in Blue 3. I have to match Blue3 to IK, which requires different settings than by itself.
Yes, I did just repeat everything. Just emphasizing the difference. :grin:

Not certain if this would be it’s own thread, but I figured I’d try hear first. I would be interested in hearing how users integrate separate leslie/amplifier plug-ins with different organ plug-ins.

For example either VB3 (any version) and IKMultimedia Leslie. What binds/filters/etc. do you use to “disable” the stock leslie/overdrive on the VB3 and best utilize on the Leslie/Amplifier specific settings in the Leslie package.

Well, it is the VST Organ thread, so it fits. :wink:
We discuss many things here, but sometimes try to keep it on subject.

In VB3 II, you would bypass the Leslie by using D.I. on the cab page. In VB3 1.4, simply disable Leslie by flipping the switch in that section to OFF. Route the output of either to IK Leslie. No bindings or filters…it’s all in the routing. Hope this helps you.



@Pierrick, and other B5v3 users.

I finally converted all my presets for B5v2 to B5v3. I decided to put them in a rack, which saved me, and you a lot of time. I will update the rack as newer presets are posted. Be sure to read the notes on my presets (above), as the keyswitches, and expression pedal are very important to achieve the tones I produced. I used B5v3 in C3 version 3673…I’ve not tested them in later C3 versions.

The presets in the rack:
Gimme Some Lovin’ Steve Winwood
Keep Me Hanging on - Vanilla Fudge
Gregg Allman #1
Foreplay / Long Time - Boston
With A Little Help From My Friends - Joe Cocker
Hold Your Head Up - Argent
Gregg Allman #2
Footstompin’ Music - Grand Funk Railroad
Perfect Strangers - Deep Purple
Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd
Lee Michaels
Corky’s Favorite #1 (pedal defaulted to 0 cause it gets filthy loud as the pedal increases…much like all the presets)
Corky’s Favorite #2
Evil Ways - Santana

Download>unzip>Load into Documents/Cantabile/Racks




Thanks for the nice treat @Corky! Just in time for giggin’

Dave :grin:

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I tried to get this together before I got real busy. Now, I have 2 gigs this weekend…and 3 next week. Two rehearsals next week too. Gigging is back!! Hope they do you some good! Just warning you, a few of these are VERY killer! B5 has it going on for sure!

Many in the list I will be savoring :yum:

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Corky, a thanks written with font size = 99999

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Wow ! Corky hit again !!! Seems to be an amazing work, especially if you managed to put your presets in a rack for C3 ! Thank you so much.

I haven t played my B5 since a long time because I bought a Hammond Xk3c and discovered its internal sound with IK Leslie.

I finally set B5v. 3 on my computer 3 weeks ago. So, I am ready to test your New gift :wink::headphones:

Thanks again, and good luck for being back on stage


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I forgot to mention…these presets only work with B5 internal Leslie (which is pretty impressive). To use with IK Leslie requires multiple changes on the organ itself and external Leslie, so it will blend with the IK nicely. I may eventually add those if someone wants them, but it will take some time, which is lessening everyday.
The B5 v3 is really great on it’s own and will be using it more now since I got my presets lined out. Compared to B3-X…it is cheaper, less CPU load, quicker to load, and for me, more fun to play. BTW, just like B3-X, it now has pedal fx, but I didn’t need to use them to achieve the tones. It is also very cool to see they have many tonewheel sets like Blue3.
I recently played at a Blues Organization event. A Nord was onstage, and honestly, I missed my clones. It just seemed to have no life in it compared to my rig.


Replying to myself so you can see my original idea for maximum portability :grinning:

I finally bought VB3m today. It runs like a top on my Pixel 4a phone. I connected the USB-C male to USB-A Female adapter that came with the phone (formally known as the “OTG adapter”) and ran from that to my Axiom 61 using a standard USB-A (flat) to USB-B (square male) cable. I checked “Enable Background” so it can run while the screen is off. I then checked “Reverse CC for drawbars” and was all set to go. I ran a 10’ 3.5mm TRS to separate left and right male 1/4 cable to my amp.

The phone powers the Axiom. I played for about 1/2 hour and only ran the battery down from 100 to 94 percent. I guess the Axiom doesn’t draw much - I would plug in the Axioms power adapter if I was playing more than a few songs.

All my knobs (volume and drive) and sliders assigned to VB3-II that I have set on the Axiom worked in addition to the expression pedal controlling swell and the mod wheel controlling the Leslie with slow-brake-fast.

It sounds very good.

I’m looking for suggestions of a compact 49 key keyboard with full size keys that would be as good as possible for playing Hammond parts.

Thanks for the info Doug. My opinion…stay away from weighted keys. As I said several times before, if you can pickup a used E-MU XBoard at a good price, you will have the closest keys to a Hammond. Drawbacks are…no drawbars, but have knobs which can be bound, is heavier than modern key controllers, but very solidly built, Is no longer manufactured, but works very well with Win 10, and Cantabile.

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Hi Corky, There’s an XBoard 49 on ebay for $100 shipped. It’s missing the left arrow button cover and the Patch Select. It looks like something bumped into the top that left a small rash above the knobs and scratched the two knobs below it. They say $75.00 or best offer. It works - I don’t think I’ll see one less expensive and I don’t care about the cosmetic issue and I can swap the button covers for ones I won’t use. I like that it can use batteries - hopefully if batteries are in it won’t take power from the USB port.