IK B3-X and Leslie MIDI implementation chart

Has anybody seen a MDI implementation chart for either of these. I have been looking at the manuals and there was a reference to one in the B3-X manual but couldn’t find it. Am i really that blind?
Need to know how to set the MIDI channel to listen for on the Leslie plug and the drawbar CC# for the organ.

I have to say that Blue3, as far as I can tell at this point anyway, is hands-down easier to program (unless I am missing something)

On B3-X the controls are under the “cogwheel” symbol in the upper right corner of the GUI. Not everything is able to be controlled, and their forum is packed with angry people not able to control every function. I personally do not use their controller section. It is much easier to use Cantabile’s list of CC’s (parameter sets), upper left corner of GUI wrapper.
Hope that helps.


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Are you speaking of the slow/fast switch on the Leslie ? It is defaulted to Mod Wheel at CC#1. Also, are you talking of all the drawbars CC# settings. If so, they are listed under the cogwheel settings.
If you are looking for what MIDI channel to use, it is defaulted to Channel 1, unless you changed it. Lower register is defaulted to Channel 2.

Same here

I knew I was missing something. Just to review setting a binding from the plug’s parameter list (never done, don’t have my music PC in front of me):
-open the plug’s parameter list and select a parameter
-from the hamburger menu select Create Binding
-move the corresponding MIDI control to create the binding
-save it

If I reset B3-X to factory settings, I should then have a blank slate to reprogram bindings, right?

I currently reprogrammed Leslie speed to CC20 but everytime I push foot pedal not only does speed increase, but the rightmost drawbar of the left set of drawbars goes to full on. Thus the MIDI map question. An interesting though unwanted sound.

The tip about using the bindings list is gold Corky. Thanks!!


CC#20 is a “standard” drawbar controller, so is not wise use it for Leslie speed.

Not sure on that, but is worth a try.

That is one hurdle I had to work on. Unfortunately, the drawbars are set in stone on CC#. I also had drawbars popping out full when I used the same number for another knob or switch. I finally solved the problem by using the “beautiful” Cantabile filters.

If you are using a sustain pedal for fast/slow, there is a setting for it within B3-X. If you are using an expression pedal (or volume pedal) you will need to use the filter on it, and on your keyboard(block midi cc20). If you need further help, I will review my rig, and give you details. I made a rack for B3-X that includes bindings for drawbars, and other settings. But, it is geared for a particular keyboard and foot pedal.



P.S. If you are using a volume pedal to adjust Leslie speeds, you might want to re-think it. Speeds can be set within a rack or song. I wouldn’t change Leslie speeds in a live situation, just because it doesn’t sound natural. Every Leslie is different, but with the clones, I know what I like, and what sounds natural to me. The default fast speed, for me, is too slow, so I set it to about the 1 o’clock position, or a bit faster. Same goes for the slow speed. This, of course, changes when I am trying to emulate a certain sound. The volume pedal should be used as an expression pedal…very relevant to the Hammond playing style and sound.

I am also posting this to the VST Organ thread, for others to see.

@Corky, I’m just using an on/off pedal to switch between fast and slow speeds on Leslie so i think all I need to do is just reprogram the leslie speed control to be CC1 from mod wheel and pedal and I should be fine.

I really don’t want automate too much because I will just use presets (like yours) for basic setup. I tend to not want to change to much while playing live; there’s enough other stuff to think about.

The main issue was just knowing what channels were being used and how to find out CC assignments.

I know that for real! lol. I move drawbars and volume constantly during songs, but there are songs I load that never change. The “old” organ grinder in me is just used to the real deal, not knocking the clones, but I always look for realism in them. They, for sure, changed my performing life. My back endured many years of abuse when transporting Hammonds. A laptop is much easier! :grin: