Cantabile 3500 "Technology Update" Now Available

Cantabile Build 3500 “Technology Update” available now.

Drag/drop re-ordering, per-window resolution scaling, improved multi-monitor support, plugins no longer tiny on hi-res monitors, GPU accelerated rendering, touch screen improvements and more…

This is a very experimental build - feel free to post issues here, or email me.


Fantastic, Brad! Is this build safe to go to in terms of being able to revert to older versions if problems occur, or could some of our racks/songs etc. get modified in ways that will be incompatible with earlier versions?


That was also my question about reverting back if needed. I downloaded it, but may not try it for a few days due to upcoming rehearsals and gigs, unless I would be able to revert back without problem. Very anxious to test it. THANKS BRAD!!

Ah…I posted too soon…Brad’s blog post clarifies this, saying:

Nothing significant in Cantabile’s file formats has changed in this version so you should be able to fairly freely switch between this build and earlier 32xx series builds with out affecting your existing song and rack files.

The only thing that might be affected is plugin window placement — if you’re switching between Cantabile 32xx in low resolution mode and Cantabile 3500 in high-resolution modes (or vice versa) windows might move/resize.

That said, I’d recommend taking a backup of all your song and rack files before running this build. (You should be doing that regularly anyway).


Thanks Neil…just saw the blog myself. May have to start testing tonight,

Reported issues:

  • Pinned Set List Grid loses focus after selecting song (fixed for 3501)
  • Set List Grid scrolls to wrong position on initial show (fixed for 3501)
  • Set List Grid vertical scroll bar not updating on resize (fixed for 3501)
  • Crash in OpenGL text rendering (fixed for 3501)
  • GPU rendering not enabled after restart (fixed for 3501)
  • Show notes not displaying staff lines in some sheet music (fixed for 3501)
  • Show note images displaying at wrong size on hi-dpi monitors (fixed for 3501)
  • Power/panic buttons and master gain meters painting over each other when insufficient room (fixed for 3501)
  • Various keys in show notes panel not working (fixed for 3501)

Fixes for all above reported issues now available in 3501.


Known issues:

  • Knobs not rendering correctly on hi-dpi monitors (regression introduced by 3501) (fixed for 3502)

Darn it. Can’t keep up… Have only just downloaded 3501 to try out tomorrow! :wink:

Hey @Derek

When I do big updates like this I really focus on fixing issues as quickly as possible - the quicker I get them fixed, the less they get reported and the less time I need to spend investigating each report. This is also why I waited till after the weekend to release it. :slight_smile:


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Does that include this issue?


This did not appear on a high-dpi monitor, but a boring old 1920x1200 at any scaling <>100% (picture above is at 90%, but it also happens at 120%). When I set main window scaling to 100%, knobs are OK:


This happens independent of the “Enable high resolution for Cantabile windows” setting.



Hey @Torsten,

Yeah same issue - I thought it was just on hidpi but probably any scaling might affect it. I’ll double check it before the next build.


3205 3502 is up now. Should fix the knob render problem and a few other minor things.

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you mean 3502 :grin:

Oops. Yes.       

Brad, i need to say it again, i admire your way of working! Your openly, directly, patiently, organized way.
Also the community here feels like homecoming!
Very understanding mature and helpful.
Love you guys!
I design for an other Synth and I must say the develop and community at kvr is the opposite.
Here’s the power of working together to a magnificent product!


I avoid sites that are not friendly. I like this one :slight_smile: I am a mod on some other forums, but they are also nice ones so very little moderating is needed. Some forums I watch for info (like Steinberg) and I can guarantee pretty much that the minute I post an opinion on these that I will get flamed. So I don’t bother anymore on those and just stick with the friendly sites.

Hopefully will have time to try out 350x sometime tonight. There’s also UH-E’s REPRO beta to play with, so that should be double fun! :slight_smile:


Looks good here!



Hi community,

just gave 3502 a try but after starting cantabile there is only a small blue circle for some seconds and nothing else. I installed over 3278 on win 8.1 x64. Rolling back to 3278 worked without a problem. Tried 3 times now with the same result. Also checked .NET 4.6.1 was installed. Any ideas?

Thanks, humphrey

Edit: fixed with 3504👍