C3 Community State-Driven Preset-Racks Exchange

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Hi all,

If you have Cantabile racks you have devised and wish to share them please post them here. If some of us have the same plugins we could share racks. Give a description of what you are posting along with any special notes about it. Thanks

Here’s my first offering:

Synthogy Ivory II Grand Pianos

These racks are setup to drop into a song and wire up. The presets can be changed using rack state changes. The rack states drop list next to the rack slot will provide the preset changes.They synchronize with the actual plugin preset list. All racks have the factory preset banks loaded. Enjoy!

Ivory German D.cantabileRack (33.6 KB)
Ivory Bosendorfer Grand.cantabileRack (33.4 KB)
Ivory Studio C7.cantabileRack (33.6 KB)
Ivory Concert D.cantabileRack (53.3 KB)
Ivory Italian II Grand.cantabileRack (40.8 KB)


Cheers Dave, really useful!

It would be great to be able to somehow automate the production of these single-plugin preset-rack-state racks.

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Thanks Neil, these and some others I have made make setting up my songlists much quicker! :rocket: I brought the idea up of trying to automate some of this task to Brad in this thread : Can a cantabilefxb file be used to generate a states list?. It’s in the mix of the many ideas he has on his mind right now. The main C3 program is paramount right now. Maybe something will work out later. :smiley:


UVI Neo Soul Keys

OK, Here’s another group of racks set up with factory presets from the Neo Soul Keys Collection. They change presets using state changes that synchronize with the preset changes. The drop-down list next to the rack slot will allow selection from song level. This is my current favorite for Electric Piano work. Great live instruments! Cheers :grinning:

UVI Neosoul Suitcase.cantabileRack (4.9 MB)
UVI Neosoul Stage.cantabileRack (2.5 MB)
UVI Neosoul Wurli.cantabileRack (868.9 KB)
UVI Neosoul EX5.cantabileRack (780.0 KB)
UVI Neosoul Dyno.cantabileRack (904.9 KB)
UVI Neosoul EPMaker.cantabileRack (2.7 MB)

Kontakt 5 Factory Preset Band Horns

Hi all, This rack is a different design. The K5 Band Horn presets are preloaded into Kontakt on sequential MIDI channels. Cantabile then uses state changes to point to the different MIDI channels in Kontakt. this allows instant switching from sound to sound and layering, which is acomplished by making multiple MIDI routings and enabling and disabling them on the different states. ( this is only on the big multi section patches I have marked, the other are the factory defaults with keyswitching). This is the first Kontakt rack I’ve tried to share so I don’t know how it will work out.

  • a note about ket switching* - i left the key swiching available for live use but remember to set it back to default before changing states for the big sections to sound out right. I am also making filtered setups like this so I don’t set off the keyswitches.

Feedback is Welcome! :grinning:

Horns_Kontakt.cantabileRack (835.1 KB)

Eventide UltraReverb Buss and Insert

These racks are for users of UltraReverb. The rack state changes call up the 128 different factory presets and they appear next to the plugin slot in a drop down list. Halls, Plates, Rooms, Chambers, Ambience and Delays are included in the set. Buss for main reverb and Insert for individual sources. wired for stereo in / stereo out. Enjoy :smile:

UltraReverbBuss.cantabileRack (1.7 MB)
UltraReverbInsert.cantabileRack (1.7 MB)

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Scuffham S-Gear Factory Presets 2.53

This is for S-Gear users. It has the Factory Presets listed as rack states. On each state change a program change message is sent to S-Gear using triggers. The presets will appear in the drop-down list next to the rack slot. I love this plugin. It just keeps getting better each release. I don’t use an amp much any more because of it. Enjoy :smile:

S-Gear.cantabileRack (283.3 KB)

MPK261 Pad Colors

This rack controls the pad colors for pad set 1 of the Akai MPK261. It probably works for the others in the same series too, but haven’t tested it. Use at your own risk! Default is set to off for all pads. To use, just place as an embedded rack (doesn’t take much memory) and wire up MIDI out to your MPK. Then open the rack and set the rack states for all the sub racks. These are labeled for the pads, and the states are the colors.

I don’t have the sysex commands to set the pad color when pressed, just the basic color, and only for pad set 1. Still pretty useful for live gigging to be able to set up per song colors for your triggers. :slight_smile:

MPK Pads.cantabileRack (372.8 KB)


Kawai K5000s Knobs, Pedals, Aftertouch, Pitch Wheel, Mod Wheel, including Portamento knob

All the knobs mapped to bindings for use as an Master Embed/Parent pair as per the article seen here.

K5K Keyboard Rack With Embed.zip (10.6 KB)

Have fun!


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Korg Wavestation SR Favorite ROM Sounds and RAM & ROM Bank Bindings (Program 0)

This has my favorite 62 ROM-bank sounds (selected for performances by Laura Rhode and myself back in '97 when we were doing performances together) plus the bindings for Program 0 of each bank to help you in programming your own states pointing to RAM bank setups you might have.

WS SR Favorite Rom Banks.cantabileRack (657.9 KB)

The “Favorites” simply uses states to change the last binding in the list using “Enabled” being checked. The RAM and ROM Program 0 states have their own bindings so you can see the bank numbers.



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I’m running out of likes … :wink:


Ensoniq ESQm With Expansion Cartridge - Switch-Left and Switch-Right Racks

You might not have the expansion cartridge for your ESQm (or ESQ-1 keyboard), but you can always prune-out the extra states I’ve included.

The cartridges worked by adding two more banks of 40 (all RAM banks on mine, which is great!) to produce 120 patches, numbered 0-119. You likely have different names for your patches, but now you can easily edit the rack in a text editor or simply edit each state in Cantabile to put in your own names! If you do not have a cartridge, simply delete the ones you don’t need.

Mine also has a switch, as it has two of these add-on banks of 80 inside. So, I had different patch names and thus had to make two racks. Here they both are just because it is easy to add both. I hope this is useful to someone!

ESQmSwitchLeftBasic.cantabileRack (272.0 KB)

ESQmSwitchRightBasic.cantabileRack (270.8 KB)

Pass your ESQ through your favorite modern reverbs and effects and have lots of fun!



TX81Z Basic Showing Where Banks Switch AND With ROM Sounds

(See Binding Notes Change With State)

This is a very simple rack for the TX81Z that merely shows via states in the bindings notes where the splits are for the four banks’ patch numbers.

  • RAM bank is patches 0-31

  • ROM A is patches 32-63

  • ROM B is patches 64-95

  • ROM C is patches 96-127

Add your favorite modern reverbs, delays and chorus effects to your TX and you will fall in love with it all over again!

TX81Z_Basic.cantabileRack (13.5 KB)

EDIT - And here are all the ROM sounds in banks A, B and C since those never change.

TX81Z_WithRomBanks.cantabileRack (228.2 KB)

EDIT 2 - And here is with all the ROM sounds in Banks A, B and C that never change, plus a “Favorites” bank in Bank I, the RAM bank. A Sysex file is included in the zip so you can load in these same sounds - or you can just re-name all the states and note entries to match your own RAM contents - all the bindings and patch numbers stay the same.

The included Sysex bank is set to channel 6, btw.

TX81Z_Favorites_Bank_With_Ram Rom Sysex.zip (10.6 KB)



Acoustic Samples B5 Presets

This rack uses the Rack states and plugin states behavior switches for fast switching between B5 Organ patches. @Corky helped me troubleshoot the beast so a big thank you and shout-out to him for his keen eyes. It has about 40 patches, some classic and some home cooked. It’s a big file because of the data storage required with this approach. Could be used as a template. All states are locked so if you want to edit them bear this in mind. Enjoy! :grinning:

AC B5 Organ.cantabileRack (4.2 MB)


Thanks for this! I’m really looking forward to playing around with it. I’m a really good technical player, but am not good at tweaking organ sounds to get what I want.

  • Paul
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Reverbs Rack to Customize To Your Needs

All plugins are in “unloaded” state initially, and only the plugin/state selected is loaded at any one time.

This is a rack containing every reverb plugin I own. If you have some of these installed, then those states possessing those will work right off the bat. The idea is to start off with a huge list of plugins available, but NOT loaded (all being “unloaded”). This way, you can drop your finished version into a song or rack without worrying about anything but the chosen state being loaded. So, multiple embeds of this could be used so you can test out your reverb collection with a specific instrument within its own rack.

I recommend deleting SOME of the ones you don’t use, but leave some as well, since it is much easier to simply replace plugins in each state than to add a new one (since you have to go and set it to “unloaded” as many times as you have states then). Right-click the plugin you want to replace and select “Replace Plugin…” from the menu. That way the loaded/unloaded state will remain intact for that position.

Reverbs Rack.cantabileRack (1.2 MB)



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Rotary, Chorus, Flanger and Phaser Plugins Rack to Customize To Your Needs

As above with the Reverbs Rack, but for this category of effects. All plugins are in “unloaded” state initially, and only the plugin/state selected is loaded at any one time.

Chorus and Rotator Effects.cantabileRack (209.6 KB)




Filters Plugins Rack To Customize To Your Needs

As above with the Reverbs Rack, but for this category of effects. All plugins are in “unloaded” state initially, and only the plugin/state selected is loaded at any one time.

Filters.cantabileRack (102.9 KB)




Kawai K5000 Patch Collections to Racks

Here are the four Kawai K5000 patch collections, plus the Factory patches that came with systems 3.00 and 4.04 that all were installable via the floppy disk drive! If you have these disks, this will make the patches USEFUL again in your Cantabile setup! :slight_smile: Enjoy!


K5000_Bass_Solo_Lead_Collection.cantabileRack (260.8 KB)
K5000_Pads_and_Comping_Collection.cantabileRack (219.9 KB)
K5000_Session_Toolkit_Collection.cantabileRack (224.4 KB)
K5000_Classic_Sounds_Collection.cantabileRack (249.4 KB)
K5000_System_300_Factory_Presets_A_D_Banks.cantabileRack (231.3 KB)
K5000_System_404_Factory_Presets_A_D_Banks.cantabileRack (322.0 KB)


D16 Syntorus Chorus Rack with all Presets mapped to states.

Syntorus.cantabileRack (883.8 KB)

I love this thing!