Anyone using IKM Syntronik?

Hey people,

I’d like to ask if anyone is using Syntronik from IK Multimedia?
I’d be especially interested in how it performs / sounds compared to Arturia-Stuff…


Hey Christian

I downloaded the free version, but haven’t had much time to get a good opinion on it yet. I watched several videos on it before I downloaded it. So far, I think Arturia may have the upper hand, but they’ve been in the market much longer.

The sponsor whore Jordan Rudess demos it here:

Syntronik has some very good and polished sounds in it’s lineup. I especially like some of the Oberheim pads/strings where they seem to capture the open interplay between oscillators fairly well. I have some Syntronik presets in my own Cantabile presets available for use when I perform. I still gravitate back to Arturia, because of the flexibility for carving out the filtering and envelope dynamics. Syntronik (and UVI instruments as well) have some ability for filtering out their samples, but it’s just not as flexible for me as an emulator like Arturias. Don’t get me wrong, I really love some Syntronik/UVI presets that really nail a sound. But if I think I might need to edit for my performances, I reach for the simulators instead.

It should be said that Syntronik (and UVI) load samples quite fast, and are pretty performant for me in Cantabile in general.

Hope that helps,
Kevin L



I bought Syntronik and it works well.
But it is a sample player with some editing capabilities. Arturia is a set of full synthesizer simulations.
With Syntronik when you open a Minimoog sound you can change some envelope and some filter settings.
With Arturia it is a full Minimoog simulation. So at the end I get more fun editing with Arturia.
I can also add that new synths (Synthmaster, MassiveX, Diva, Pigments) are much more flexible and powerful than a Minimoog.
Up to you, fun is anyway everywhere…
A sarcastic note: for me Rudess videos are totally useless. I cannot hear anything interesting. No music, no sound.
Only some very fast fingers.

The 2nd part has sound demos. I admire Jordan’s talent, but I am not a fan, since he sold out to his many sponsors. I don’t blame him in taking the money, but he seems to be much more arrogant now.
Here is part 2:

[quote=“Corky, post:7, topic:5057, full:true”] I admire Jordan’s talent, but I am not a fan,

TBH, and IMO, Rudess has awesome technique (way more than I will ever have), but I find him boring, boring, boring. I don’t care how many notes/scales a second he can shred (like Pettruci), Dream Theatre music has no soul. I’ve tried very hard to like them over the years, but always fail to do so (each to their own of course). There’s far better prog musicians out there, including those who hang out here.

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That’s how I also feel about many speed guitarists. Most of them let speed kill any soul. As Dusty Hill (ZZ Top Bassist) said about Rev. Billy Gibbons, “I’ve seen more people rise out of their seats with one note from Billy, than all the speed players I’ve ever seen with a thousand notes” .

I totally agree with Derek and Corky.
Music is not playing fast.
Emotions are what really counts.
Technique is not a target, it is a medium.
I never survived to 5 seconds of a Dream Theater song.
I love listening for the 1000th time a Genesis or a King Crimson track. They are giving me thrill since 40 years.
Same for demoing a synth, if there is no feeling I can’t hear good waves.
I never found a second of Rudess demo intriguing

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AND…I hijacked another thread. Sorry Chris. :cold_sweat:

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Totally agree, Corky (and sorry for he thread hijack, Chris)

If I had to pick one guitar player, it is Steve Hacket (ex-Genesis). He can shred when he needs to (he was tapping long before Eddie Van Halen, who picked up the technique after watching a Hackett concert), but equally he can build a guitar solo out of a single note, sustain, tone and feel. Steve Rothery is also one of the most underrated guitar players out there; he has awesome tone and feel.

Just to put some relevance back to the topic, I’m afraid I’ve never even heard of Syntronik. What’s it good for?

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It is IK Multimedia’s stab at the Arturia and UVI market of classic synths. To me, it has the feel of Analog Lab with famous presets, and somewhat restricted parameter settings. A synth Rompler, lol. Expensive too. I’ve not spent enough time with it to state a fair opinion though.

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From the BB King school of guitar playing. :sunglasses:

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So far, I’ve stayed away from it - I don’t like the sampling-based concept. Plus, their effects are CPU-hogs (current Sampletank is pretty much unusable without deactivating all effects).

Demos sound pretty decent, though…




You picked one of my all time favorites Derek I wore the grooves out of the second solo Album (link below to wik) that included some contributions by his brother John on flute. It influenced my style to this day. Thanks for the reminder. :grinning:

Please Don't Touch! - Wikipedia!




I would make a comment, but you and Derek are hijacking quite well without my help. :joy::joy::joy:


I am now feeling guilty :hushed:, so started a new thread…

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I bought Syntronik when it came out for the intro price (impulse buy) though I didn’t use sampled instruments at this time if I could avoid it. After about 2h of playing I lost interest - sold it but it turned out that the potential buyer was not qualified regardings IKs rules for license transfer. I gave him the money back and now I have an unused license laying around. I deleted all files since it would only waste space on my computer.
Other IK effects/instruments are fine but this was a disappointment.