AcousticSamples B5?



All I did was extract the file I downloaded from AS, Dragged the extracted file into the UVI soundbank folder, selected move and replace, opened UVI, and there it was (V2.2) with the last two versions.

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This is what I am looking at


Got this email from AS this morning:

We just released the Version 2.2 of the B-5 Organ, it has a few new features and optimizations that are listed below. If you already own it, the steps to get it are explained at the bottom of this email.
** **
** **
CPU optimization
When we released the version 2, the CPU took a hit because of the very detailed features we added (Leslie, tube saturation, loudness robbing, voltage stealing, etc…) These features are still here but we optimized every bit of them as much as we could and it is now even more efficient than the V1.
** **
A new swell pedal model
We knew from the start that the swell pedal wasn’t just a volume change, but our model was just a little off. So we went back and recorded a few things and now have a very precise behaviour that allows for the bass to stick even if the pedal is all the way down just like on real organs.
** **
**More precise Clicks **
We changed the way the voices are handled which allows us to be much more precise in how the clicks are triggered and they are now more in sync with the tonewheel voices.
** **
**More precise Percussion **
For the same reason as for the clicks, the percussions are now also more precise resulting in an overall more responsive instrument.
** **
**Hammond SK and XK support **
Thanks to the guys at UVI, we are now able to support the RPN and NRPN MIDI messages sent by the hammond XK and SK series. We asked a few of our users to help send some MIDI data and with their precious help (thanks again guys btw), we were able to pre-map all of these models. They can now be used without the use of third party MIDI softwares and everything will work straight out of the box (using the corresponding preset in the MIDI preferences).
** **
**A refined Pedalboard simulation **
The pedalboard might not be used by all organ players, but the ones that do need it to be spot on! So we took another look at how it works and sounds and it is now almost indistinguishable from the real one.


Thanks much for the post Corky …


FINALLY figured out my installation issue. I had accumulated multiple source folders for UVI plugins. Each time UVI loaded, it searched through all 3 of them, which had various versions of my plugins (including B5, B52.0 and B5 2.2). I consolidated the most recent updates into one folder and deleted the others from the search path.

Question: why do I still have options to select B-5 and B-5 v2.0 from the Sound Bank list. Is there a way to get rid of the older versions so that only 2.2 shows in the selection list.

Question 2: I’m obviously overlooking something, but if I go into one of the submenus (Speaker prefs, Adavance Prefs, Midi prefs), how to I get back to the main B-5 interface? (i.e., the organ console GUI).

I like the plugins, but don’t like how awkward things can get having to go through the UVI interface!


I’m not sure but it might be that he left the previous versions still accessible. He did it with version 1 I know because it was explained in the version 2 release. I have erased each version as it went along and the only sample/script set there is the latest one and I think it has the info that creates the uvi workstation menu entry. All UVI workstaion remembers is where to find that .ufs file

just press the same button that brought you there again (they are toggles) e.g press speaker preferences to see the prefs and press again to return to the organ view


It sure does sound like he’s a an obsessed with getting the tiny details right! I really just have to bite the bullet and try this. Maybe for Xmas…


Well Duh! Thanks for pointing out the obvious about switching back to the main GUI!


Hi Lee

Arno left the previous versions available because, believe it or not, some people loved the version 1, and others had presets that they didn’t want to lose going to version 2. He generously left those versions available. Also there are custom presets loaded on the presets page labeled “current” which will give you a good start on your own presets. It took me forever to discover them. Glad you got it going!


New video of B5 V2.2


Pretty nice! The Leslie sim is very smooth and natural. Still though, I’m tired of these gospel demos :wink: They sound great but that bright clean sound doesn’t challenge a Hammond VST. Even the old NI B4 sounded good doing that. Dirty it up- give us some rock!


It sounds good, but as Fred says the choice of music does it no favours at all in terms of selling it. The owner should consider getting some 3rd parties to do a range of demos in different genres, which would probably help his sales.



just a short review on V2.2:
I did some tests on cpu consumption by having versions V2 and V2.2 driven in parallel and switching midi data from one plug to the other with a foot controller using conditions. Differences are remarcable specially when usind low buffer sizes. Most important: cpu burst are reduced by up to 30% - very good job! :+1:

I also took a (very short) time to listen to sound improvements: I confess with an age of 56 I‘m not the best choise to do something like that but for me there were no noticable differences (didn‘t look deeper into percussion though). But this isn‘t really a problem for me as I alteady liked the sound of B5V2 very much before release V2.2.

Using V2.2 in an existing rack (as substitute for V2) drive me nuts. When using „replace plugin“ all the host automations were gone and all sounds sounded the same.

In a second try I found that replacing only the organ inside Workstation kept some of the automations (in detail: all drawbars, volume pedal and leslie speed). The reason behind is arno renamed all the controllers beside the ones I mentioned. :sweat_smile:

After this was clear it was easy to remap the missing ones and make the rack work again (fortunately I stored V2.2 inside a new rack and could look up the mapping from the old rack). Maybe of interest for those using B5 inside a rack with entire bank deselected like me.

Regards, humphrey


This is the sound. All rock organ is held to this standard as far as I’m concerned lol With a stack of two VB3 instances I can get pretty close. I want to hear this sound with B5…


Just discovered this on AS site for the B5… I am downloading it now to see what is going on. I don’t use the pedals or XK3 so I don’t expect much in this update.

Added Nov 15 2017
- CPU optimization for the Bass pedals
- Addition of the Hammond XK2 mapping
- Pre-Mapping of the host automation for the main controls
_ _
Added Nov 3 2017
- CPU optimization for the whole organ
- New pedal board model
- Increased precision on the clicks and percussions
- Hammond SK series and XK1, XK1c, XK3, XK3c and XK5 mapping support
- New swell pedal model


This looks cool … fellow night owl lol

Thanks Corky,



Yeah, late night. Just got in from gig. I usually stay up till around 3AM or so. Vampire hours!


New B5 changelog:

Added Nov 30 2017
- Fix for the vibrato control in the XK-3C mapping.
- The B-5 V2 presets can now be reloaded in the V2.2.
_ _
Added Nov 27 2017
- Small bug fixes, avoids hang on heavy pedalboard usage and avoids very small clicks when playing the upper and lower manual at the same time.


Thank You Felow Loyal B5 scout lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Another update today…

Added Dec 1 2017

  • Fix for some rare stuck notes on the 8’ drawbar.
  • Fix for the range of the overdrive buttons in the XK-3C mapping.