AcousticSamples B5?


Ah…another scout! Thanks for the update Jason. Arno at Acoustic Samples is really on top of things. Whoo Hoo !! I had another keyboard guy ask me about my organ sound last night. I was using B5 at the time. I showed him a sample of VB3 and Blue 3 as well. He couldn’t believe how well they sounded. He now wants to ditch his Nord. A future C3 user, no doubt.


A minor update for a few people on January 10th:

  • Addition of the Viscount Legend mapping.

Doesn’t affect me or anyone I know, but shows developer is still engaged and listening.


Another small update:

Added Jan 26 2018

- Version 2.2.1 uploaded, fixed a problem introduced in an earlier version where the regular drawbars did not have a click sound for the note on anymore.



Added Feb 20 2018

- Quick update to fix some stuck notes on the 9th drawbar in some cases.


Hi All.,

Updated to version 2.5 has been released with some fixes and 2 more A-100 models added!



Been checking for updates weekly, and now that I am out of town, here it is. Had any time with it yet?


Just loaded it up so No time with it yet. i have been using it a lot along with VB3 II and IK but for a lot of my stuff this baby does it fine. Looks like it’s mostly about the 2 A100’s that are different so I’ll check them as soon as able. I’m still in pseudo memory moog land with the Legend :crazy_face:


I want to go there too.:tired_face:


Spent an hour with the new stuff

  • somewhat better CPU from mid 30’s to mid 20’s idle and under 60 on leslie ramping and smears
  • The New 1963 A101 is much mellower than the 1965 A100 it already had
  • The new chopped 1964 A102 is an agressive rock organ to be sure, has a little more power and bite than the 1965 A100, it is a welcome addition. The 2 most meaty organs in the bunch IMO are still the 1960 and 69 C3’s, they sound way different than the B3 which sounds very much like a B3 to me when compared to recordings of B3’s at the time. The new chopped one is going to have to get used!



Thanks Dave. Going home tomorrow. It will be the 1st thing I do for sure!


Got it loaded. I agree…the As have something special for sure. I also tend to use the C3s for most of my stuff. The B3s are cleaner sounding compared to the C3s. Gonna play with the As this evening and check the loads. I finally got my email about the update shortly after I responded to you.


This from Acoustic Samples:

The EDC are the latest files using the flac lossless compression (which means, smaller size, less CPU, less steaming load, less space on HD, smaller loading time, etc), so these are the ones to use

I think they started using flac files in version 2.