AcousticSamples B5?



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Hi All,

A quote from GS board a few days back on the next version of B5

Acoustic Samples said:

"we’re working on a version that uses less CPU. It’s taking time because we basically had to rewrite a lot of the code, and we want to make sure we are testing it properly before releasing it, but it’s coming together and the CPU usage will be reduced greatly (there is no release date for now). "


Organ Plugins - Opinions?

Hey All,

News on the B5! New version posted 10/31/2017. To me way more stable Cantabile Load on smears, large chords & leslie speed ramping. Cantabile Load meter readings are, idles at 8 to 10 %, plays normal between 15 to 35%, smears and leslie rotor ramp up and down peak goes up to about 60 to 75%. No more jumping over 100% with regularity at lower latencies. I am running it click and pop free on i7 2.9 Ghz at 128 Samples on rme babyface pro. All around better here for Cantabile Load hit and it still sounds great to me…



Thanks Dave ! I checked the site Monday for updates to no avail. Appreciate your test review. Glad the loads have been reduced. Quite a Halloween treat!




I did some beta testing on this new version and can confirm that the high cpu load issue is fixed. Arno from Acoustic Samples was super helpful and has also got the B5 working perfectly with the XK3 (and SK) series Hammonds (including using the reverse colour preset keys) - this has given the XK series a new lease of life since it’s a great organ controller. I’m using the B5 as a solo instrument through a Leslie 147 and for me it’s the best substitute for the real thing so far when used with a good organ keyboard layout. I have a real B3 so I’m quite picky!



Thanks for the feedback Paul,

I am also very pleased and appreciative of Arno and all the team of developers and beta testers. I am hooked on this one too, for me it’s the closest to a wooden one with tubes in it that’s ITB.



He might certainly get some sales if he’d put up a FREAKING DEMO VERSION.

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: I’m not busting out that kind of cash on a “maybe I’ll like it.”


Hey Fred,

He would if it was a feasible thing to do. It’s a Sample Library. It requires a workstation player to play or a 300.00 + investment in Falcon (UVI’s Kontakt sim) and I looked about and in the vast majority of cases developers don’t demo their sample sets. Sorry, and don’t mean to offend but I think he’s right to do it the way he does.

Just my 2 cents



Ah, you’re right, I keep forgetting that thing is sample based. What’s the download size on it??


1.06 Gigs, it has 4 models early 60’s A100 and C3, and late 60’s models C3 and B3). You were right to steer clear at first, it was pretty weak out of the gate but is on the 7th or 8th revision on the scripting and as I said it has settled down a lot. I’d wait a little if your interested and see if this latest revision isn’t hiding a bogeyman and at that point it would be a solid alternative to what’s out now. All he has are the dreaded online audio examples on his site. Black Friday!!


I almost grabbed it on sale but I really don’t have any spare $$ for toys right now. And won’t. I have two birthdays and Xmas coming up, grrrrr.


Since I don’t have many UVI plugins and don’t need to update very often, I always find the process of remembering what to do a little irksome. Still I was able to download the B-5.ufs file and have loaded it in UVI workstation. But it looks just like the previous update. Is there a way to look at the B-5 plugin when it’s mounted to see the version number?


I never found one, I use the file creation dates and the file sizes to tell them apart on the recent releases.



This is the new version loaded into UVI and mine is showing the B5 version along the top (note that the UVI version is 2.6.15 which now recognises NRPN data correctly for the operation of the Hammond XK/SK series). If you still have an older version (of B5) installed I found that it sometimes took a couple of tries to get it to load the correct version. Once it was loaded it was ok after that (deleting any older versions also fixed the problem, of course).


Hi Lee, I also wanted the version number displayed, so I contacted Arno a few months ago and explained why I would want to see the version I was in, so I guess now he listened, and came through. He is absolutely listening, and checking the several forums, including this one. He may give you a stock answer, but he has proven to me, several times, that he really wants to please his customers. Just don’t get sideways with him…he is a very proud person! Many great products!!


Hmmm. Must be doing something wrong. Mine is V2, not 2.2


After I downloaded the new B5 organ.ufs file (dated 10/31/17) from the AS website, I opened UVI workstation and pointed the browser to the location of the .ufs file (desktop). When it loaded, it indicated V2, not V2.2 on the plugin screen. The screen shot below shows the options I have to choose from.