AcousticSamples B5?


Hi Fred

If you set a B5 rack with several patches, you will have it instsantly, especially if you pre-load it. However, I can pull it up very quick. The UVI workstation has really improved, and B5 will now save any preset you have pulled up in a song, i.e., I could load B5 as a regular plugin, modify any drawbars or other settings, save it to state, change it to any other setting, save the song. It will be there.

EDIT: I should also add that if you load from plugin, you will have to select B5 2 to load it. This is why I save whatever I choose for the song, and save it to song. Having it in a rack would also bypass the selection process in UVI Workstation, which is similar to anything in Kontakt.


I guess I’m getting it :wink: How often does AcousticSamples usually hold a sale? Don’t they have one in Summer usually?


I really don’t know how often or when, best thing to do is just keep checking their site. You could just register with them and get emails, but I haven’t been pleased with them on this recent B5 upgrade. They apparently notified no one.


I think they had one in March, which is retrospect was probably to get a few sales of v1 before they upgraded. Which wait- makes zero sense at all. It’s not like they are clearing out the warehouse.


I figure he is selling them well now, so when it slows down, he will probably have a sale. Keep an eye on vstbuzz. They apparently had a 50% off coupon for B5 that expired not long ago. I have used a few coupons online for vst’s and equipment , some work, some don’t.


Don’t know if it will help @FredProgGH and @Corky but this thread has been tipping me off to his releases and he seems to post there regularly.

Funnily enough the thread was started by AS calling the product the B0 which garnered some assorted snickering and gibbering in internet land so the name of the product changed to B5 but the name of the thread remains. Stranger things have happened. lol



Thanks for the info Dave! At least he responds to something. He has stopped responding on his own site. I remember all the grief he took over the “B0”. Of course, he is French and probably wouldn’t have known the negative connotation. He really makes some great sounding plugs. I use his pianos in all my piano racks. I bought them awhile back when they were made for Kontakt. I will have to get in the middle of the thread you provided and see what I can find out.




I have really been loving V2 of B5. I use it in a rack with all the host automation set, and then use rack states to change everything instantly. I like to combine it with VB3 also.

He usually has a summer sale and a holiday sale.

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Hey All,

This is the default for the MIDI assignment table from B5 in one picture, it might help some …



Hi All,

New version of B5 V2 (revision 5) posted today. Some latency (pops and clicks) improvements …



Thanks for the update Dave !



Hi Dave

Do you know if there is a way to see the version # on the interface? I have re-read the manual, checked everything in the GUI, and searched the few sites that AS responds to. Other than the info you posted, I see nothing about “revision 5”, but I did download the B5 dated July 3rd.



Hi Corky,

Sorry if I caused a problem here. I have been keeping count of and have downloaded all version 2 offerings and since there were 5 I kept them numbered that way in my archive … well, I probably didn’t need to include that info because the developer doesn’t mark them. So, no I don’t think you can find rev numbers on the gui, but can see the difference of the file creation dates.




Lol! Ok…I understand. I was hoping I might see something different that would reassure me that the newer version had loaded properly. Just subtle changes, I guess, that wouldn’t be evident. I did see where there was a change where B5 used less resources now, but haven’t checked it out in C3 yet.



B5 Organ 30% off till Aug 31.


Hmmmm. Might be time :smiley: Problem now is I might want Blue instead.


Life is such a conflict. :anguished::musical_keyboard::notes::notes::notes::notes::notes::notes::notes::notes::notes::notes:

Here is a review from Matt Vanacoro on June 23


Hey Corky,

He must have read our glowing reviews … Thanks for the link, it should make it easier for Fred to decide … :grin:




Yes…musta seen our gush fest on VB3 when it turned into B5. He will no doubt review Blue3 next.:sunglasses:

As for Fred: he is in a dilemma. I am starting odds on which he will bite on, and if he will bite.


I wager blue, 5 credits!