AcousticSamples B5?


Original, Deluxe or Jumbo? (And, you are a maniac.) :laughing:



Deeeeluxe! Jumbo doesn’t seem to actually be for sale yet. :frowning:


Your stress over B5 has warped your mind. No, I take that back…you are a musician. Of course your mind is warped.:joy:


This was put out today


No doubt, it sounds 100x better than the old one. But- OVERDRIVE! If I can’t drive it until smoke comes out of the Leslie I can’t use it lol It would be nice if they had a way to insert Hiwatts before the Leslie. Someone, find out how hard you can push it! That’s where VB3 kills.


They have tweaked the distortion, from what I’ve read. Like I said, I’ll send some samples soon as I get it going.

I want to see smoke come out of my Laptop fan vent.



Here is B5 with max distortion and Leslie on chorale. There was no adjustment to EQ or Leslie, so this is mostly default except for the distortion knob. More can be applied thru the rotary settings. Understand that this was made on a mini key controller and a bad memory, lol.



That’s really pretty good! I’s a different kind of overdrive from VB3 but it’s authentic for sure in its own way. With some tweaking of mic positions I could probably get what I’m looking for. I may wait to see if AS runs a sale- anyone know how often they do that?


Dave, how do I update my version 1? through AcousticSamples or UVI? All I see is the option for paying full price for version 2.


Lee, you have to upgrade it thru your Acoustic Samples account. You will need to upgrade UVI workstation, as B5v2 will require newest version. On your account page, go to down;loads/serials.


I have been playing and tweaking this new version and it is a huge improvement over version one. The samples are more detailed and include the leakage elements of real organ and the new distortion is very musical but powerful and the leslie is a thousand times better than v1! Have been plugging in known drawbar patches and insofar as any 2 Hammonds sound “the same” it’s pretty convincing next to recorded examples. As far as B5 vs VB3 the VB3 has cleaner samples (no leakage elements in the samples and the top end screams more right out of the box, the B5 can scream too but you need to tweak it and it sounds thicker detailed, and more organic (less post processing on Samples? I don’t know). I will use both still because I lean heavy on VB3 patches I have made but now that the cpu hit is behaving better and the yucky hollowness of the leslie sound is way improved I will definitely use the B5 on some songs. When I test identical settings side by side the VB3 is more focused and thinner as well as volume balanced through the range and the B5 fatter and more organic with excellent percussion sound and more volume in the bass end of the range. Before it got beat up by VB3 but now holds it own and has a few advantages.



Dave, I agree with your assessment, but the big test for me, again, is will it cut through live. That is what turned me off to the earlier version. Fortunately, I will be using it in a few songs this coming weekend and have my fingers crossed those issues have been corrected. If it works for me live, I am going to give Guido at GSI a shout, and let him know, again, VB3 v2 is too long in surfacing, and he just got slapped down to #2 ! In reality, VB3 will always have a safe place in my Cantabile 3.


I used B5v2 on stage last night on three tunes and I must say I was very impressed. It cut through when I needed it to, and really screamed. I used mostly full drawbars and chorus 3 with leslie 122. It was very full sounding, and reminded me somewhat of the old “charlie” vst, very exciting and present, but with a lot more control. I also used VB3 right after it, and it’s warmth brought me back home. After some more tweaking, B5 will definitely be part of my arsenal, but VB3 will be right there beside it.

To Guido at GSI: Are you up to the challenge? Release VB3v2 before it is left in the dust! I know it has only been 7 years since the last version release, but technology is catching up to you.



And worked it okay and stable with UVI? I had in mind that there might be some problems with UVI Workstation.


Hey Corky,

This time you beat me to it! I used it at my latest practice with the group and it slayed … I am reaching for it more now and programing some favorite settings. The new version can knock down a house on the classic rock/pop songs I play. The distortion is very musicaI and really helps it scream when applied. By the by which organ sample set did you use (C3 old new B3 etc). I’m liking the B3 and the 69’ C3 with the 122a sim. I agree that the VB3 has a serious competitor here and hope they offer an upgrade that not only has the newer VB3 samples used in crummar mojo but an improved vst interface and preset system.



I really like the C3 1960 with the LOG leslie (whatever it is, I have no idea what the bottom list of leslies stand for). I also noticed that now, B5 will keep ALL the settings in Cantabile now without going thru a special process. I haven’t placed one in rack yet, but soon will. We should share some settings, as well as for VB3. Do I hear…new thread? Sorry I stole your thunder. :wink:

UVI is doing even better with the recent version. Load time is much quicker and it seems as stable as Kontakt. I’ve not had any problems with it.


I played some Jon Lord type tunes last night, and VB3 really gives me smiles on that sound. I wish I had tried the B5 on it because I have been impressed with the “Lord” sounds I was experimenting with earlier.


Finally got UVI updated and B5v2 installed. VERY nice! And tons of presets to choose from.


Hi All,

I finally got to gig in a loud club with this new version of B5 and it scored huge, Plenty of cut through when needed and no shortage of warm thick tone wheel sound for long chording. I’m using the built in rotary and I am impressed by the pairing of the two. It fooled everyone in the place who thought I had some big time Organ Built into my RD800 which has a decent tone wheel emu but can’t even touch this beast. Highly recommended if you have a computer that can run it as it has higher resource needs than VB3 and might crackle and pop on lower resource systems. You were right @Corky this puts pressure on VB3 in the native platforms. What a thrill to play a computer music product where I almost forget It’s all binary!



I have started replacing more of VB3 with B5 in my song lists. I also feel like I am playing the real thing, and find myself mindlessly running the keyboard with visions of organists past, lol! I took a break last night and went to see Brit Floyd. From what I could tell, keyboard setup included a Nord Stage 2 EX, and a Nord C2 Organ. The organ sounds were really good, but I think B5 might have the edge. Of course, I am not sponsored by Nord, and I don’t know Brit’s keyboard setup,but I was thinking, if I were of that caliber talent, I could do an amazing setup with Cantabile, including the B5 and a few vst synths for a very small cost, and effortless state changes. Ah…to dream.


How are load times going from patch to patch? I’m sure they’re quick but with VB3 of course they are instantaneous. I often use different organ setups within songs, going from a straight heavy rock organ with no percussion to a jazz organ with chorus and percussion. Though really I could set that up as two different manuals; I just never bother with that.