AcousticSamples B5?


Sound idea in principle - but why create 12 bindings?

Easier way: create only one binding to send the note and simply set state behavior for “Target”. Then, for each state, send a different note from this binding. Just one binding to rule them all… :smiling_imp:




if you want to go really crazy, you can just leave B5 sitting in the rack without any state behavior (and don’t change its preset) and steer it via triggers and control changes - there aren’t sooo many parameters. Lookee here:

Now you can customize each state by manually setting the individual parameters (drawbar stops, percussion settings, distortion, etc) in the triggers. Now you can have as many presets as you want; it’s just a bit clumsy to set them :confused:
You may need this here to find the right values to set:

Have fun!




@Torsten Once again you blew my mind! You sir are amazing!


Hi Torsten,

Wow - Torsten - Amazing suggestion!

In a way, you are manually recreating presets through individual control changes in Cantabile states. It might lead to some surprising results if you miss any given control for any state, however - this does effectively allow Cantabile to capture preset data in a state.

If you are pedantic about specifying all parameter details ( (raising my hand) sometimes I am! :sweat: ) this is probably the way to go.

OK - one more question:
Is there something like a ‘parameter editor’ view for plugins in Cantabile, where one can view VST parameters and values for any given VST’s current preset?

(This would make capturing parameter state much easier)

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Kevin L


Thanks for the improved model Torsten! I was using too many steps to get the same place.


Yes - right-click on a plugin and choose “Plugin Parameters”. With B5 you’ll see lots of parameters named “Host Automation” by default. You can also see all of these in Cantabile’s “State Behaviour” list. In the B5 UI you can right-click on the various controls, drawbars etc and associate them with a MIDI control change and one of these “Host Automation” parameters, which then renames the corresponding “Host Automation” slot to the actual name of the control (eg “Distortion”), so it then appears as a properly named control in the Plugin Parameters list and in the State Behaviour list.

Checking the named parameters in the State Behaviour list then allows you to tweak your sounds in the B5 UI, and they’ll get stored in rack/song states. No need for all the triggers, bindings, multiple B5 instances or any other awkward stuff :wink:



Hi Neil (and Dave, and Paul, and Torsten),

Thanks for all of your suggestions. You guys are really helpful! :trophy:

Kevin L


Aaaaah - that’s what I was missing! Kept looking for these parameters in the State Behaviour list, couldn’t find them, that’s why I cooked up the convoluted trigger method. Now, after running through the process of associating controls with Host Automation, I can get rid of the triggers and edit my parameters directly in the GUI - great!!!

Thanx, @Neil_Durant - great help!




Hi Everyone,

A couple of follow-on notes:

1.) As it turns out, the preset-select for manuals (lower or upper) are also automatable. So you can also assign this to a host-automation parameter, and change preset values without having to automate all B5 parameters to be saved in a Cantabile Rack state.

2.) That said, it turns out some parameters for B5 are not stored in a B5 preset (eg, tube distortion, or sustain pedal behavior, etc.). These things are still automatable, and can be stored in a Cantabile Rack State.

Kevin L


Just to add a little more interest to this aging topic, here is where you can hear VB3 II. Check out the highs and the leslie at the end:
I hope GSI will release the plugin version of this by the end of the year.


VERY nice. Please pass along more details about the new release when you hear something…


Will do!! I try to stay current on several of my favorite developers.


New Acoustic Samples B5 Version 2 posted today at Acoustic Samples site. Improved so many things it’s like a new plugin!

Update , so far really impressed with this update, it even takes a stab at modeling the waterfall contacts …
and after some testing the rotary is way better and the scripting cpu problems are tamed and multiple models of organs and rotaries. Great value packed update.



Did you have to redo all the host automation? I already have B5 in a linked rack and am wondering if I am going to have to redo all the host automation and rack states with the update…

  • Paul


It protects all your old settings by preserving the original b5 sample sets and scripts. I have had to load the new b5 v2 sample sets and reprogram all including host automation from scratch, so the answer is yes and no…



Yesssssss! You beat me to the punch Dave! I checked the site last night and there was no update. Great to hear this. Can’t wait to get back home to try it out.


Sounds good! It’s still kind of geared towards the kind of jazz players that wouldn’t be caught dead using it though lol I’m not hearing demos of the kind of overdriven rock sounds I use it for. They need to figure that out.

I really want to try it though. I’ll download the demo and- oh, wait. Wah-wah-wahhhhhh…



If I get home tonight, I will upgrade and throw some rock sounds on the cloud for you.


Thanks! For $99 I should probably get it just on principle but I’m kind of trying to save my pennies and I literally just bought one of these last night:,


That will go so well with your inflatable keys!