A couple of feature requests for wiring diagram

Hi all,
let me add a couple of feature requests for the wiring diagram:

  1. ZOOM! it would be nice to zoom-in / zoom-out – in my live setup I have a pretty small display and a zoom feature would be a lifesaver . Nothing fancy, just +/- buttons
  2. highlight routes when data is in transit. This would greatly simplify the troubleshooting of complex routing/filters. MIDI routes can be highlighted when some message is transmitted, for audio you can put some reasonable default to detect “silence”

I hope these can be useful to everyone :slight_smile:


Hi @luigi!

As far as zoom is concerned, I am not at my PC presently, but it should work with Ctrl + Page Up/Down or Ctrl+Mouse Wheel, though I guess that a single keystroke would better suit your needs.



Ciao Gab,
thanks! I was not aware of this, I will try asap

On the subject of wiring diagrams, I’ll add a few of my own wishes:

  1. It’d make sense for MIDI and Audio ports to be differentiated by color, consistent with the coloring of routes.

  2. If a plugin or rack is bypassed or suspended, it would be helpful if this were indicated on the wiring view (e.g. grayed out).

  3. Placement of plugins or racks enforces a large minimum distance from the Input ports or Output ports area (about 1.5 inches on my 27" monitor), which makes for a lot of wasted space.

  4. It would be super convenient to be able to select a route and right-click to insert an effect plugin in-line, rather than having to place the plugin and then re-route connections.

Thoughts ?


Hi @JimboKeys,
yes, I really agree with your wishes :+1:

I agree. Gig Performer has all of these.

Wondering if @brad has seen this thread …

I think he said in another thread he was going on vacation this past week.

I have now. (yes, I’ve been absent the last couple of weeks).

There’s a bunch of other improvements for the routing diagram that I’ll get to eventually (some overlapping with suggestions here). I’ve logged this for now.