A couple of feature requests for wiring diagram

Hi all,
let me add a couple of feature requests for the wiring diagram:

  1. ZOOM! it would be nice to zoom-in / zoom-out – in my live setup I have a pretty small display and a zoom feature would be a lifesaver . Nothing fancy, just +/- buttons
  2. highlight routes when data is in transit. This would greatly simplify the troubleshooting of complex routing/filters. MIDI routes can be highlighted when some message is transmitted, for audio you can put some reasonable default to detect “silence”

I hope these can be useful to everyone :slight_smile:


Hi @luigi!

As far as zoom is concerned, I am not at my PC presently, but it should work with Ctrl + Page Up/Down or Ctrl+Mouse Wheel, though I guess that a single keystroke would better suit your needs.



Ciao Gab,
thanks! I was not aware of this, I will try asap

On the subject of wiring diagrams, I’ll add a few of my own wishes:

  1. It’d make sense for MIDI and Audio ports to be differentiated by color, consistent with the coloring of routes.

  2. If a plugin or rack is bypassed or suspended, it would be helpful if this were indicated on the wiring view (e.g. grayed out).

  3. Placement of plugins or racks enforces a large minimum distance from the Input ports or Output ports area (about 1.5 inches on my 27" monitor), which makes for a lot of wasted space.

  4. It would be super convenient to be able to select a route and right-click to insert an effect plugin in-line, rather than having to place the plugin and then re-route connections.

Thoughts ?


Hi @JimboKeys,
yes, I really agree with your wishes :+1:

I agree. Gig Performer has all of these.

Wondering if @brad has seen this thread …

I think he said in another thread he was going on vacation this past week.

I have now. (yes, I’ve been absent the last couple of weeks).

There’s a bunch of other improvements for the routing diagram that I’ll get to eventually (some overlapping with suggestions here). I’ve logged this for now.



Here’s another feature request for wiring diagrams: Annotations on the routes with the name of the Route. This would be really helpful when working with bindings.

Here’s an example that I drew on top of a screenshot of the wiring diagram for my gnarly master Rig Rack. I’m making some expansions - the existing Route Names are in Yellow, and the new / planned ones are in white:


I might frame this Clint, it’s like modern art!! :grin:

Seriously though it’s very readable the way you laid it out. @brad would have to tell you if it’s something that could be done.


Nice idea.

The trick however is calculating the placement of the labels so they don’t interfere with each other or other parts of the UI. Working out the placement and which text is wrapped vs single line is not a simple algorithm.

One option I suppose would be to allow the text to be dragged along the routing line to place it where you like.

Let me think about it and interested in any other feedback/thoughts.


Here’s an updated version of the Rig Rack Wiring diagram. I’ve added panning of all inputs and looping capability on the Chat signal …

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