Wireless MIDI - any experience?

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I’m thinking about having Cantabile control the patches on my guitar pedal (HX Stomp) via midi. We have backing tracks (and light control) for every song, so i have the Cantabile side under control. My question is has anyone controlled wireless MIDI from Cantabile/Windows? For me it would be MIDI out, but i assume it would be the same either way. Was looking at things like the Yamaha BT-01. They don’t claim windows compatibility, so i figured i’d see if anyone else has went down this path.

I do have an alesis vortex wireless and a fishman wireless synth controller, but i believe those are single use and semi-proprietary. Looking for more generic MIDI (pedal has a 5 pin MIDI in)


FWIW the Alesis Vortex works fine with Cantabile!

Here is a thread for you: