Wireless MIDI products

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Post your wireless MIDI questions here and any new gear you come upon. Thanks

My first question is I was wondering if anyone had experience with products like this Panda Wireless MIDI. If so how much more lag does it add opposed to a cable? I’ve seen where it’s built into some keyboards. I like the idea but not sure about the problems it might make.


I too would be curious to hear about these.

Seems like a great idea - looks like it comes as a pair of transmit/receive boxes and I guess not using standard Wifi - which is probably a plus.

I use the wireless MIDI system CME WiDi X8 and it works amazingly! Forget about difference with MIDI cables, stability problems, range, etc.

The WiDi X8 is just amazing! Use it both in studio and on stage in combination,of course, with Cantabile. Perfect!

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Cool! Seems like a neat piece of gear.

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Hi @Mistheria,

I saw this and thought it was very nice but when I went to check for availability and price the retail outlets say it’s discontinued or out of stock indefinitely. Is it still available where you live? Thanks for posting about it, I am excited to hear that it is so reliable. I also saw that CME makes some wireless midi keyboards too!


yes in fact this is the bad news, it’s (unbelievable!) discontinued product. But there are some units still around, one friend of mine found it in a store in Italy couple weeks ago and he immediately purchased them. So, if you are lucky (as I hope) you can find them in some stores… there are still units around… if you found, make it yours! I’ve tried several of them. these CME are the best wireless MIDI systems so far!

Thank you for the information Mistheria I’ll keep my eyes open.

Hey, I just saw this…Alesis Vortex. It reminds me of the roland AX-7 which is no longer made but it can be found. Also it’s kinda like the Roland SH-101 which was the first strap on synth I ever had that used batteries and the audio could be sent through a wireless pac making it no wires (sort of). I had a hoot walking around playing that thing and used it for sequenced bass lines for years on my “conehead” recordings. I was a big Tangerine Dream fan back in the 70’s. :+1: Anyway this Alesis Keyboard has a low price and wireless MIDI.

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iRig BlueBoard
They say it’s the first one like it. Wireless Bluetooth MIDI Footswitch. Would work well with S-Gear as well!

Fishman TriplePlay Wireless Guitar Controller

Now this I have never seen either until today. No more bulky Synth Floor Box. Just Usb to MIDI to Host (Cantabile 3) to Vsti! :sunglasses:

Just now caught this conversation, and that Alesis Vortex looks SOOOOOO cool!!!

“There’s even an accelerometer built into the body, so you can control modulation and other parameters by merely tilting your Vortex Wireless as you play.”

Aww, now! That is just the greatest thing since the whammy bar!


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Have just seen this thread and wanted to add I’ve been using the Panda midi on my Alesis Vortex for some time now. In fact since it was released. I’ve found it very reliable and easy to use. We’ve got wireless in-ears on stage too and once the frequency is locked in no problems.
By the way @terrybritton the accelerometer is cool but you need to set the parameters just right otherwise in the excitement of performance it’s easy to trigger when you don’t want it.
Hope this is useful,

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Is the latency on the Panda unit really as low as they claim (0.38ms) ? Do you ever have any situations where latency becomes noticable?


I’ve never measured it Neil but have not noticed any lag. Battery life is extremely good too.


Just got my Alesis Vortex 2 yesterday they are so cool and trying to figure out how to send song changes from it any ideas ?

Hi there,
I have V1 but I think they are fundamentally the same. I’ve set up a bindings in C3 for next song and next state. Then assigned 2 of the pads on the Vortex to achieve this via the learn function in C3. BTW, useful to set up a midi panic binding as well in case you get any stuck notes whilst away from your laptop. Hope that helps but let me know if you need more detail.

How do you set up a midi panic button using the vortex and cantabile

Hi Corky, don’t know if you’ve figured it but this is the easiest way:
RIght click on the ‘All Sounbs Off’ icon top right - triangle with shriek inside it
Create Binding and press the pad that you want to assign and that’s it.
Best to do this in the Global Rack bindings so that it’s available all the time.
Good luck

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Here’s a Tutorial concerning Korg nanoKey Bluetooth MIDI:

i had a Zendrum with the MIDIJet Pro option.
and i wouldn’t trust it live.
latency was generally fine and range was good.
it’s just that sometimes it would get ‘clogged up’ for a second or two and send the buffered notes in a clump.