Wind Controller users

Who else here is Cantabile with wind controllers (EWI, WX7, etc), breath controllers, etc.??? I’ve been playing Yamaha WX7 controller with virtual synths a couple years now. Cantabile is essential to my workflow, I’ll setup all the plugin chains in Cantabile and generally map the MIDI control routing in the synth control panel (you can also do the control routing in Cantabile if you have Solo or Performer).

Here’s a good example, I’m playing Arminator, but the MIDI also goes to a breath controlled filter (Voltage Modular). There’s a few other effects in the signal path, including a light amount of compression.


Very entertaining and informative for me, I don’t play wind controllers but did use a breath controller on the DX7 long ago. Things have come a long way from there. :smile:

Thanks Fawlty Tenor and Welcome to the forum!


I’ve also used the wind controller just for breath and played stuff on the keyboard controller… if the breath goes to your filter, you can play it like a vocoder. I mostly play single line leads and melodic stuff with the controller and weird ambient jams.

As mentioned in the other post, I have a WX5, but it was an impulse purchase too good to miss. For a change it was an eBay auction where I seemed to be the only person bidding on it, so I got it for a bargain.

After checking it out (using my EX5 VL) it is sitting there waiting for a rainy day…

Got one of these for Christmas this year. Love it.

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Hi. I have an Akai EWI USB wind controller since 2015 and have lots of fun with that on Korg Kronos and more recently also with Cantabile. Just triggering some Xpand2 or RapturePro presets with it gives already good results, and the enclosed Garritan software also gives reasonable results.
Still, the AudioModelling SWAM Saxophones VST is high on my list…

Very cool. I’ve been gigging with an Akai EWI 4000s for about 5 years, using Cantabile as my host. My main instrument is guitar so mostly I jsut do a few sax leads using The Sax Brothers (which still sounds pretty good to my ears). But I also do some horn sections and some harmonica on it, and a few synth patches… using SF2 instruments for the most part.

I did improvise a stand for it, using a mic stand with a short boom and a mic stand drink holder :smile:, so I can quickly switch from guitar to EWI.

Nice to see a few other wind controller guys here!

I finally pulled the trigger on the SWAM Saxes - they are A-MA-ZING! Even just playing them with a foot pedal and standard keyboard control, they are superb; I’ll have to see if I get around to integrating the TEControl thingy in my setup. Can make for a bit more of a show effect, but OTOH another piece of kit that adds complexity and can fail…

BTW: I’ve changed the controller assignments in my Sax rack: I use channel pressure / aftertouch for vibrato and the mod wheel for growl, plus of course the expression pedal for expression (duh…). Makes it extreme fun to play this beast!



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You just triggered my compulsive buying disorder again… I will control myself…for a while…still…:rofl:

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I am pretty new to both the SWAM Saxophones and TEControl BCC2, having bought both within the past 2 months, but already love them both. I love the Saxophones even without the breath controller, but the BC adds a whole new level of expressivity.

As heavily reported on the other thread, happy TEControl user here :slight_smile:
(Sax in live, although not on SWAM yet – strings in studio)

Hello, I play EWI(s) with several synthesizers and VSTs. Cantabile enables me to achieve amazing things technically and musically with my gears. I have used Cantabile for 5 years but am still learning as there are so many possibilities and new features. Whenever I have any question, I can always find the answer here in this group. Thank you so much for everyone. Min


I use the TEC BC2 with Audio Modelings SWAM saxes and Trumpets (uses Kontakt). Guitar is my main instrument using Fishman Triple Play.

LOVE the saxes and in some respects the trumpet even sound better…which is saying a lot! The SWAM interface is MUCH better than Kontakt however. Actually don’t like that at all.

I bill myself as a Digital Guitarist as my setup is guitar (of course), laptop, plugins (saxes, trumpet, organ, various keys) and the breath controller. I get acoustic guitar sounds via my Godin Montreal piezo and electric sounds via the PUPs and SGear amp plug. The Godin has the Fishman built in.

I do all instrumental (no vocals) mostly with tracks, although I do solo guitar as well. I can say that people are pretty surprised when they hear a guitar melody followed by a sax solo or organ, or vice verse. You get the idea😊

I get a lot of quizzical looks when they see me playing with the breath controller and hear a trumpet or sax. Its loads of fun and I can cover a lot of ground with the various instruments and arrangements. I do jazz treatments on the standards and Latin songs and more contemporary arrangements on pop stuff with more electric guitar for leads in songs like Santana or Hotel California, etc…

Here’s the key…CANTABILE! I couldn’t work without it!

Thank you Brad, and thank you forum for the wonderful support and feedback!

Tom Moran - Digital Guitarist


Nice to see the rare VL1 in situ :slight_smile:

Hello! I have been using Cantabile with a keyboard. I just got an Akai EWI USB and am trying to do my initial bindings. I haven’t limited knowledge here (only what I’ve read and watched the last two day), and could definitely use some help. Can you give me some help?

I have bound the breath controller as on output gain. I think that one is okay. But in terms of setting up individual note recognition, I don’t know what to use as the “target.”

If you can answer that for me, or give me whatever advice I need to hear now, that will get me to the point where I can ask more questions…

Hi @mjames,

You don’t need a binding for the notes. Note on/off is a separate part of the MIDI spec. The bindings are for controllers like breath, pitch bend, and volume.

How are you plugging you EWI into your computer? Somewhere there is probably a MIDI plug. In Cantabile, you’ll need to assign the device, probably to “Main Keyboard” (which is of course, a misnomer) because it’s the default.

It was recognized as an import port. I put in a vst, just like I would with my keyboard, and routed it just like I would my keyboard. But there is no sound.

To clarify - If the routing line leading to the MIDI in of the plugin is coming from the keyboard, I have sound. If I move that line so that it’s coming from the Akai input port instead of the keyboard input port, no sound.

What other basic thing do I need to do to get started (before I go and set up the bindings for pitch bend, etc)?

If you have “Main Keyboard” routed to the vst, then output from the VST routed to “Main Speakers” (or whatever your MIDI in and sound out ports are), it’s likely that the volume (for one reason or another) is 0. I suggest for now you set the bindings so that they only set the volume to 127 for MIDI controller 7 and MIDI controller 11. First, let’s make sure we can make noise, then control it. When I first tried an EWI I had a lot of trouble getting the volume set right.

Your routs probably look like this:

First, set the route to allow “Notes Only”

Now, set up 2 bindings that will set the Volume and Expression to max

See what that does. Next step would be to use the MIDI monitor on the VST to see what MIDI commands it is receiving.Right click on the VST, then select “MIDI monitor”. If you are seeing Note on/off messages as you play the EWI, the problem is with the VST or some setting the VST has. Try another VST.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for the help… I followed your instructions, and I do have sound now. Unfortunately, it is always the same note, no matter what fingering I use. I will try another vst. Unless you have other advice…

Ok, have pitches now. Thanks! I’ll continue to mess with it tomorrow. Thanks again!!!