Wind Controller users

Great! Sounds like progress. Try the MIDI monitor, too.

Well, the one VST is right out. But, the other VSTs are fine, AS LONG AS I HAVE MY SHOES ON!!! I thought I was going crazy. I had pitch control when standing in some locations in my basement but not in others. It turned out I had conductivity when standing on the carpet but not when standing on the uncarpeted floor.

I guess barefoot playing is out from now on, and I’ll always have to make sure I have a little mat with me when I gig…

Thanks so much for your help and the nice screen shots!


Try this for your hands. I always need it in the house, but hardly ever when playing away from home. It’s a humidity thing. If you try a different hand cream, be sure it contains glycerin (for conductivity) and nothing like shae butter (builds up on the keys.

Good luck!



Ha! I’ve never heard of such a thing. My EWI is a Yamaha. Wonder if it makes any difference?

No, the Yamaha wind controller has mechanical keys. Akai’s EWI has fixed keys that function through capacitance. If the skin on the hands becomes too dry, playing the instrument becomes problematic. The humidity in our house is always very low, that’s why I need the hand cream.

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Yep, I’ve found the same thing with my Akai 4000S… if your hands are dry it misses notes or sometimes wont’ work at all. Before playing I use a tiny bit of pure aloe vera on my palms, which soaks in pretty quick but does the job… and it also helps to clean the key pads with alcohol now and then.