Win 10 Version 1903 Issues


Terry are you saying that you had to actually uninstall this to get things working correctly again? How would it be impacting things if it’s just installed, but not running?


It seems to be always running (likely as a service) so uninstall is the only option. I only even looked at it because I suspected it ran as a service, knew it “phoned home” and suspected it used DirectX to draw its user interface.



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Saw this today on possible progress and cause.

FWIW I had the issue on Nvidia and Ati display cards



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Pete at Gearslutz says no one has yet sent the needed data on audio glitches to him. He is aware though that some folks are having new found audio device difficulty with the upgrade. I can’t do the necessary test till after the current spate of live work but will try to assist if it still is an issue when that ends. There have been some KB cabs released to insider groups that have been reported to have cleared it up in some bad Latency Monitor test reports from users with audio studios. Still not fully cleared up yet so I will keep looking in on the net posts to see what happens in the mean time.



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They are working on it but still insider beta builds, here is a blurb from Gearslutz that a user found at MS…

"Game and system performance slowdown in Windows Version 1903 (May update)
Microsoft Response
Thank you everyone for providing feedback and submitting traces. Based on your feedback we have identified a change impacting system and games performance for some users starting with Windows 10 Version 1903 (May 2019 update). The change would result in higher system CPU utilization and/or lower game GPU utilization, and thus causing lower framerate in some games. We have a fix for the problem in the next Windows Insider build that will flight to the “Fast” ring (build 18932 and above). You can find instructions on joining the Windows 10 Insider Program here: After a successful tenure in the insider population, the fix will be deployed as an update to 1903 users at the end of August.

We hope this update resolves your game performance woes that you started experiencing with 1903. If it did not, please file a game performance feedback via and, importantly, attach a short capture clearly reproducing your problem."

I am equating Game performance with DAW performance, hopefully not incorrectly, it seems the 2 types of apps have similar needs in terms of latency …