Why no builds recently?

Hey All,

Some of you might be wondering why things seem to have gone quiet in regards to new builds recently. Rest assured I’m not slacking off… I’ve actually been really busy with the OS X port of GuiKit - the UI library that Cantabile is built with. I’ve been a little quiet about because I feel like I’ve over promised and under delivered in this area for too long.

I’ve been working on things like:

  • Normalize OS specifics across the two platforms (eg: the difference in Windows vs OSX menus).
  • Keyboard handling in particular has proved to be a small nightmare.
  • Internal packaging (eg: see here) (GuiKit is now a private, multi-framework targeted NuGet package).
  • Project configuration issues (switching to netstandard2.0 so the same project files can be used across platforms).
  • App packaging - building an OS X .app bundle with the full netcore2.0 runtime included.
  • Resolving lots of minor quirks.

All this has meant some public API changes to GuiKit for which Cantabile then needs to be updated. Rather than releasing builds while things are in flux I’ve been holding back and the next build will probably come after I’ve got Cantabile’s UI working on OS X.

Still here.


The only way to un-spoil a child is to stop giving out sweets for some time :wink: And we have been spoilt with many many updates this year, each time making Cantabile even more powerful. It’s good to hear you’re making progress with the OS X project :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: