Who's working with 3500+?

Just curious ~ Are any of you using 3500+ for real, live public gigs? I’ve installed it off and on since its first release (just using it in my own studio) and haven’t found anything that would make it a problem for public use. Granted I’m not a C3 superuser so that may be the caveat.

Anyone gone live with it?


Hi Thom,

I have been switched over for a few months now and have played a few gigs with it and have used it in qiute a few recording sessions and band practices. I have mostly easy song setups but have some complex ones too so not a power user more like half/power user lol, the real power player/users will chime in too I’m sure. The only problems I’ve seen revolved around GUI items but it was a major GUI update so the problems were very few considering that in my opinion. It has been very stable for me functionally, musically no problems there at all! Like any thing I’m sure stuff will get uncovered as more switch to it but so far that’s my take. I’m all the way over to the 35XX builds, some very helpful new features with the same sonic quality and lean design with more cool functional and visual improvements to come I’m sure (custom control panels hint hint :grin:). @brad strikes again!


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I am still running Win 7 on my main laptop. Win 8 on my backup.

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BTW…I had a chat with Dave Dore’ before transitioning since he was already testing it. I felt assured by his comments that it was very stable. I will be using it again for gigs this weekend.

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I’m not gigging much at the moment, but I have done a few open mic nights with 3500+ in my rig and it has been fine.

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Been using the 3500 series for keys on worship team every Sunday for a couple of months. Haven’t had any issues.


Same for me, 35xx stable as rock :metal:
(about 10 live public gigs)

kind regards


I’ve done a few big live shows and some rehearsals - rock solid. The only problems I had were minor GUI issues that have now been fixed - nothing that would have caused any problem with a performance.


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Sounds good - guess I’ll take the plunge in the next couple of days for my live system. Studio system has been running 35xx for some time now without any issues (now that the Roland nastiness has been tamed…).



I’ve had a few crashes, but they have all been when I’m going in and changing a bunch of things. This is not something I do during a gig, so it hasn’t been a problem.

Thanks guys. I’m in too. I’m glad to know I’m not going out on my own limb.

On the basis of comments like these, I’m in dress rehearsals for a middle school production of the musical, Seussical, with two keyboards (one player each) and several audio and MIDI devices plugged into a single laptop running Cantabile 3532.

I’ve had no problems, with one exception: I accidentally pulled out the power adapter from the (fully charged) laptop with Cantabile still running and got a blue screen. This could easily have been the fault of the audio or MIDI drivers, though, which are mostly USB-powered.