Who has uploads of music they made while using Cantabile?

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Recently I was asked at the Plugin Guru forums if I had any uploads of my live performances.

Indeed I do! (All of them, in fact - they had to ask!)

I improvised one-year of daily shows from 2017-2018 using Cantabile Performer for each one.

Typically, Friday through Wednesday I would do 5 pieces per daily show, and Thursday (“Music with Pictures” day) I would do 13 pieces, as there were always 13 images I improvised off of.

Those plus the first earlier shows and a handful of shows a couple years later added up.

Currently, the count over at YouTube is at 2,392 separate improvised pieces, each item being 5-to-10 minutes in length!

Warning! You won’t have time to listen to them all!! :wink:

(15) Terry’s Live Musical Performances at YouTube

I also have a presence on Fidbak.audio if you like super-high fidelity. Many of the original WAV versions of the mixes and performances are stored there. You’ll need to create a free account, but you can listen to streaming WAV files (if your system can manage those) or download as many as you like to listen to offline instead. Terry Leigh Britton - Playback Console (fidbak.audio)

The shows ranged from 1/2 an hour (typical Friday piano days) to 1 hour 20 minutes, with 50 minute durations being most common.

(I can show anybody how to do the same using the free tools of OBS, Voicemeeter, and Cantabile (even using Lite), if they are interested.)

So, I don’t expect EVERYONE here to have 2,392 pieces available, but WHO ELSE has some of their music created using Cantabile (of any flavor) uploaded that they are willing to share? :slight_smile:



That is certainly a good place to start! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing this. I have always wanted to see you folks live.


There are many videos of me live with different bands, but I try to keep them off social media, because I really don’t like reliving the experience in most cases. :smirk:


I have a few, there not live performances though.

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This Covid-lockdown-time livestream was played 100% with Cantabile for my keys setup:

This is the R&B band I played in for quite some time; pretty reduced keyboard sound-set fitting with the nature of the style. Mostly piano / electric piano, hammond. Some “fake brass & sax” where necessary. My “rock band” setup contains a far broader palette of sounds and configurations, but no uploads (yet).

Currently producing the next set of demoes for my rock band (edited and mixed rehearsal room recordings); keys (and some guitars) all Cantabile - will share when ready…




Here is a small excerpt from an instrumental medley during the last live. I’m the keyboard player on the right. All keyboard sounds except choruses are produced by Cantabile. The light show is controlled by an audio timecode track also coming from Cantabile.



Hi Fred,

Rewatching this video led me to the GH website and listening to a few of the latest songs. Hannah Pryor’s vocals really shine in these songs on YouTube:

“The Years Roll By”:
The Years Roll By (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube

“All Alone”
All Alone (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube

Like George Soros, I’m convinced we’re in the wrong timeline :grinning: - in the one I’m supposed to be in, Glass Hammer is playing sold out arenas.



That’s cool - they needn’t be live. Just using Cantabile in some way.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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These were made entirely with Cantable.
made mostly with some spitfire originals/bbcso(discover) and film score companion.
Night Sky

and this one, ambient and slow. piano, pad, strings and choir.
Maybe Tomorrow

There are some others, I’m little bit out of sorts with it at the moment, it’ll
pass, not in the right head space at the moment. :face_with_thermometer:



Appreciated! :+1:t2:

I loved them both, Laura! So pretty! :slight_smile:

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WOW! Nice ride, Fabrizio! :slight_smile:
The light show was well thought out, too! Really complimented the build ups perfectly!

Thanks :slight_smile: I still have a few others I’ll finish when i have the chance.

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Thank you Terry!!

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90 % of my performances are done with cantabile using several vst plugins
here is the link to one of my performances
Used vst plugins : VPS avenger drums and arpeggios, Lead on upper keyboard UHE DIVA
Lower keyboard Tone 2 Electra X

Here is the link to my you-tube channel


Wanted to share this one too
Cantabile 2.0 running with 19 VST plugins at the same time

Plugins used : Equinoxe , Battery 4 , Nexus , ElectraX , Ultra Analog , Gladiator , Omnisphere and Repro


That cat in the shadows is a fun element in you performance :grinning: