Where is Cantabile at re Bluetooth support?

Thread title says it all! I just paid for a renewal subscription as I just assumed it would (instead of forking out for Camelot Pro) but now I find Cantabile can not see any bluetooth devices, hence my question.


There is a thread on the forum about this, hope it can help you: There's got to be a bug in C3 and it's bluetooth operation?

Personally, I don’t like the accusatory tone - where does it say that Cantabile supports Bluetooth MIDI?

Addressing the issue: I’d suggest using MIDIberry to connect your Bluetooth device to a virtual MIDI device like loopMIDI. Then you can use the loopMIDI device as an input port in Cantabile - done!




I’m using Bluetooth MIDI with CME WIDI-BUD directly into Cantabile and it works!!


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