When I route a VST to a linked rack Valhalla Vintage Verb rack it's not working

…but when I route VST to a non linked rack Valhalla Vintage Verb it’s working.

What am I doing wrong?


Sounds like it could be “linked” to this:

I never have problem loading Addictive Keys and I am using the latest build. But with some other VST I have sometimes. But since I am preloading the Set List everything is working perfect :hearts:

I put an image here where you can see my simple set up. You can see that E. Piano is working but Reverb-Valhalla Vintage is dead.
Are there some special rules for routing to Linked Racks since when I do the same routing to Reverb-Valhalla Vintage not as a Linked Rack it’s working?
Could it be because I have a Set List with mixed Linked Rack Reverb Valhalla and non Linked Rack Reverb Valhalla?

Hey Karl,

We need to look inside the reverb rack to troubleshoot this. Somewhere in there the signal is lost. Can you post the reverb rack opened up with the gui for the effect open too to check the signal chain.


Thanks Dave, here is the opened reverb rack.

Hi Karl,

Instead of ‘Rack:MIDI In’ in the input route you want ‘Rack:Stereo In’. You are mixing the MIDI with the audio on this route. This should fix it!


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Many many thanks Dave :cherry_blossom::tulip::blossom::sunflower::hibiscus::bouquet::rosette:️:rose: