What's the verdict on Blue3?


Interested to hear what you guys think of Blue3.

I hadn’t heard of this one until @FantomXR mentioned it yesterday. Looks very professional, sounded pretty good with the little bit of testing I did yesterday and at $99 seemed reasonably priced.

I’ve been looking for a good organ plugin to recommend when people ask and wondering if this might be the one.

(I’m reluctant to recommend VB3 any longer because of issues in x64 and bridging to x86 for it is getting a little old)


Blue3 is a nice one! It’s not sample based so very fast loaded. Great performance and low on CPU. So all in all a great plugin!


Personally, for my taste… I don’t like it. Have tried to but it sounds harsh and edgy, in a bad way, mostly due to the Leslie and overdrive simulations. VB3 is creamy yummy awesome sauce so it’s still that and J-Bridge all day long for me. That said, Blue3 and the VB3 Leslie play really nicely together, since Blue3 does have an insane amount of tweakablity in its basic organ engine. But, that doesn’t get you away from VB3. The new version of B5 sounds like a contender but I don’t have it, so can’t say.

I’m a little surprised Hammond hasn’t jumped into the fray with some kind of “official” VST, using whatever is under the hood of their current clonewheels. I guess they figure that’s going to eat into their own market.



Was discussed here awhile back
Organ Plugins - Opinions?

I use it, and like it. It is getting better with the newer versions. It is still in it’s infancy, so developer is listening to consumers. Very tweakable. Under the hood time will make big changes if you want to achieve “your” sound, like most plugins.


Stop reading when it devolves into an “A=440 vs. A=432” discussion unless you’re just bored :smiley:
What version is Blue on? Maybe I should dl a fresh demo.


Version 1.20. 3rd version.

We weren’t bored :rofl:


OK, I’ve tried v1.2 (probably the first version though, wonder what’s changed. Is there a changlog with that?)


Changelog for 1.1 …still looking for 1.2:

Blue3Rotary plugin now included (Tube Overdrive and Cabinet simulations only)
Blue3 now has 2 stereo outputs, Master and Direct (before Tube Overdrive and Cabinet)
Changed the Options button to UI
Added a Settings dialog and moved non-controller settings from Controller page
Ambience slightly smoother
Really, really stops dead center when Front Stop is engaged…no, really.
Drawbar 8’ adjustment is now labeled correctly in status bar when hovering or adjusting it’s knob
Status bar now prefers to show knob being adjusted value rather than a controller change
Corrected an issue related to split keyboard and midi channels
Minor updates to several included presets
Fixed a very stupid crash when pressing the Clear All button on the Controllers page


Thumbs up. Lots of presets, loads very quickly. Yes, some presets do seem a little harsh; it seems to happen most where the upper two drawbars are strongly in the mix. Remedy that by nudging them in a bit; or change the model Hammond organ. The “waxed” ones produced a more mellow sound than the default Blue3 model. Also, if you spend some time sampling the many presets, you will find some that are quite mellow and sweet.


It’s only usable as a clean organ though IMHO. The overdrive is just awful. It’s like the earliest of digital guitar overdrives, bright and fizzy. It’s just obvious, this guy went nuts modeling the organ itself but the Leslie side (while off to a good start) is lacking. VB3 has many more cabinet models, mic position controls, the character setting (my old 147 used to have that exact weird drive at every volume, almost like a busted cone but in an awesome way) and most important the amp section drive EXACTLY the way a real Leslie does, Even his resting wind noise is right. The only thing about it that not perfect that some others (like Blue3, ironically) get right is that his fast tremolo setting sound kind of unnatural.

I wish I could sit down and take all the great bits of every Hammond VST and make that one holy grail out of all of them :wink: ANYHOO… all this to say I think it’s a flawed premise to say there’s a Hammond VST that’s “the one” to recommend. Organs are as personal as drums or guitar, all depending on your taste and the style you work in. I think VB3. Blue3 and B5 v2 are all right answers for different people.

(VB3 of course is still the real actual right answer though. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: And NI Vintage Organs and Arturia B3V are the wrong answer.)


It took GSI approx 4 yrs to get VB3 to the current (old) version. Longer than that if you go back to their earlier free versions. B5 was released earlier last year and within 2 years has made a mostly realistic product, and still improving. Blue3 was released this year and is still improving.

Here is the reality: I am never going to buy another Hammond or Leslie. If I did, it will NEVER emulate other models, or reproduce the dream rigs of the Hammond Gods. As I stated above, Blue3 has MANY settings that can be changed, and I also said more Leslies would be a plus.

Reality check #2: VB3 is starting to to become unusable with newer computers and OS upgrades, thanks to developer neglect. I love VB3 and will use it as long as I am able. Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before it will be dust.

Reality check #3: We all need to be looking to the active developers we have. Instead of debating this to death here, contact GGaudio and ASK if this or that could be added to Blue3, or contact Arno at Acoustic Samples and ASK if something could be changed on B5. I do it. Others do it and get results. This is the time.
Very few here has been so shy as to not ask Brad for improvements in our VST host. The same should apply to the VST’s we use.

Brad asked a question about Blue3. My answer is “I like it”. It is not VB3 or B5. It is a fresh look at an old emulation with very low CPU hits. I believe it has great potential with an active developer. I can EQ out the bright, run it through a distortion effect or amp sim. Even add a different rotary like VB3 fx or others. For many things the developer may miss, I can usually add.

Finally, as I step off my soapbox, we are all spoiled rotten brats. The world is open to me, and I worry about not having the Leslie switch sound recreated. :innocent:


Blue3 does really have a ton of potential. You’re totally right about the timeline on VB3 and I don’t doubt that Blue3 may surpass it sooner or later. It’s just not there yet (not entirely t least), so if the question is “What’s the best Hammond sim right now” it’s VB3 or a combination of things (for me) until such time as Reality Check 1 comes to pass and Blue3 evolves beyond it. But, you know, all good points. I’m in another forum with a flame war going on about Toontrack’s Superior Drummer 3- I think it’s really good and this other guy is starting threads just to yell about how it’s THE WORST POS EVER OMG and I really don’t want to be That Guy! :open_mouth:

I really want to play around with B5. I just don’t have the cash to buy any toys now. This is not a happy Xmas time around our house.



How dare you cheat on another forum.:laughing:

Sounds like a drama fest.


This is about the only one that isn’t! :wink: I used to moderate on the ToonTrack forum ages ago (I helped beta test EZDrummer) and it was also really civil. Actually, most devoted forums are I guess. It’s the general ones like KVR that can get really silly.


Hello everyone,

It’s Ray, the developer of Blue3. Brad was kind enough to reach out and invite me to say hello and join in the discussion. Thanks so much, Brad!

Anyway, let me know if there’s anything I can help with or answer any questions about Blue3.



Hi Ray! Well now I feel bad. As an artist I know how it feels for anyone to say anything negative about your baby. I really think you have done a fabulous job with the organ itself in Blue3. Nothing can touch it. I have some issues with the Leslie/amp side of things- really, the amp more than the Leslie. Very much look forward to having you here!


No worries Fred! I’ve already created a dartboard with your avatar and having a great time throwing darts. :slight_smile:

But seriously, it’s honestly good to hear everyone’s feedback. My feelings won’t be hurt.

And…lots of updates are planned and already in development.

And now, back to my dartboard. :wink:


Welcome Ray!!! This is an honor. So good of Brad to invite you. I have been tweaking your product since it came out, and I find it very interesting. The gui threw me off at first, but I soon became comfortable with it. What, if any, plans do you have for future updates?




Well, now I’m going to load up the Blue3 demo again and really start messing with it…


About time Fred !!! LOL !!! :rofl::rofl::rofl: