What is error 13206 when loading a plugin?

Hi @brad,
I’m trying to help a dev track down an error with a plugin.
I get the above error code when I try to load it, could you shed some light on that error code?


Look here?


Maybe it helps a bit.

Cheers for having a look.

The dev team of the plugin have worked out the issue: the plugin needed Visual C++ 2010 sp1 installing.
For the record it was ValhalllaDSP Ubermod. And a startlingly good modulation plugin it is.

I don’t know for certain but I think that’s literally just the code for " I can’t load the plugin." I don’t think it denotes anything about why the plugin didn’t load. Obviously if I’m hideously wrong others will elaborate…

Hey Guys,

Error code 13206 means the call to the Windows LoadLibrary function failed while either loading the plugin itself, or if bridged the jBridge proxy dll.

If this is an unbridged plugin (ie: no jBridge) you can check Cantabile’s log file and you should see an additional error message showing error code reported by Windows.

Basically though… something failed with loading the dll.